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for Iola's Treasure

7/6/2020 c32 blaircrazy1
Terrific story. I would love to see you right more.
3/14/2018 c1 Ritu
You write very well!

Can we have some Callie Shaw in your stories please?
8/16/2017 c11 rebeccareneesharplake
great story of love between brothers
3/15/2017 c32 merryw
A bookshelf full of their stories! Best line ever! I have really enjoyed this story, it has been quite a ride. The emotions and brotherly affection through the really rough patches - even Frank's anger at Joe have all been spot on! Wise parents to let just Frank go in to see Hattie with Joe. Great interactions there! Sorry to see this story winding to a close. :- (
3/10/2017 c32 4whitetigers
Wow that was an amazing story with an equally amazing ending! Glad Joe didn't have a mental breakdown again and all is well. Will be looking forward to more of your stories.
3/10/2017 c32 84Icylightning
Beautiful ending to a awesome story! Loved all the emoticons and feelings you poured into this chapter! It will always remain one of my favourite fic! Please do keep writing. Will wait for your adventure :-)))
3/9/2017 c32 14Cherylann Rivers
Sweet, lovely, emotional chapter. Great conversations and small details (loved what Laura said about sleeping next to Fenton, for example). This is a really sweet chapter in the story! Nice job.
1/31/2017 c31 4Red Hardy and CherylannRivers
Wow- this was a terrific chapter! Very action packed an exciting. Glad that Chet is okay! You did a good job showing Joe's emotional turmoil as he is overtaken by memories of Iola, and as he realizes that it was not worth it if it cost their father his life. He might well need the professional help suggested here, the poor guy. And Frank, trying to be strong for him, has been dealing with Joe the whole time, and it is incredibly stressful on him as well. Hope they all make it back and you don't put an afterward that said "The all drowned." ;) A pleasure to read, as always!
1/30/2017 c31 84Icylightning
Absolutely brilliant chapter! Yes I did ran out of tissues! But in the end it was all well! Happy reunion! Its sad tht its ending! Will miss it dearly :-)))
1/5/2017 c30 8JoeNeal
Awesome. But aaargh! Hate cliffys!
1/4/2017 c30 4whitetigers
Wow a cliffie! And we thought this was the last chapter. Oh well we'll just get to read more. :) Great chapter! Hope Fenton gets out before the roof falls in! Will be impatiently waiting for the next chapter.
1/4/2017 c30 84Icylightning
Happy new year Erin Jordan! May this year be the best in your life and keep writing more of hardy boy stories!
Fenton anger was very well described! Even though all the mystery has been sloved u do manage to keep us on edge of our seats! Hope they will be able to get out safe from the cabin. Waiting anxiously for nxt chapter! Kudos to u dear :-)))
12/16/2016 c29 penlew
No ! Don't stop there
11/11/2016 c29 8JoeNeal
Excellent chapter. Worth the wait. Fenton came. Boys are safe.
11/11/2016 c29 Joe's fan
Yes! Their dad came.
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