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9/12 c15 Guest
No se... Sasuke esta re obsesivo, no me gustaría un final SasuNaru.

Definitivamente si me gustaría un ItaNaru jajaja
9/12 c15 Emmupapaii
I really like Itachi and Naruto's relationship here. For me, it really isn't slow, since moving on and healing really takes time and I think it's really beautiful. The act of moving on that is. It may be painful along the way but with the right person to share it with, it's really amazing. Well, that's what I think. Haha.

I just discovered this story and I very much fell in love with it. I hope to read more from this story someday and maybe come to a part where Naruto can be pregnant with Tachi's baby <3 I hope you're doing well also since you seem kinda down in some of your AN. And thank you for writing this story =D
9/5 c15 Guest
Wow,I really love this story, had to reread it. Lost a chance somewhere and I didn't Mack sense. Hope your feeling better. Looking forward to the next chapter.
8/28 c15 TigrezzTail
Well, I suppose at least Sasuke has finally found his backbone and is making strides to actually improve his life outside of being rich and powerful. I do find it funny that he's probably doing the exact things Sakura used to do with him. THe stalking, the obsession of how things will be 'perfect in the future'. He obviously hasn't dwelled on just exactly he's going to handle his family, job and love life as those three were what caused all the stress in the first place. Although I'm guessing Sasuke's affairs were probably his one way of thumbing his nose at all the stress and everyone.
8/27 c14 Guest
This was wonderful! Thank you for picking it up again. I hope to see it finished, even if it takes years. It’s a beautiful story.
8/26 c14 Guest
Great story
Love the way it developed so nicely
8/26 c14 Guest
Love ir
8/28 c15 12Little Ms. Pumpkin
I cried, the song is so emotional when I listened it to YouTube.
8/28 c15 Little Ms. Pumpkin
Sasuke fucked up...
8/28 c15 Francisca Aniba
They are not gay, you disgusting Indo muslim trash. Kill yourself, fucked up pig virgin fag.
8/28 c15 crzyanimemom
Yay! I so love this story. Can't wait for the next chapter.
8/28 c15 1HeartSNS
Awwwww I love the remorse part of a story!

I really really really hope he pulls all bells and whistles and groveling and has to work his ass off for weeks, months or even years to be allowed to be graced with that sunny smile!

As for paternity test, yes please! I wanna know if there was sneaky deception there! A certain familiar dark haired person, who isn’t Fabio’s, comes to mind! But, it’s your tale! I have to wait now hmmm? Heh

May your muse be with you:)
8/28 c15 160JeffC FTW
Okay now I am ready to choke the hell out of some people, and I don't need to mention WHO they are. (demon rage) I'm surprised at the fast update since it's not even been a few days.
8/28 c14 qaililee00
Really love this story been waiting for an update forever
8/27 c14 1HeartSNS
That’s the way to do it! I had to reread to familiarize myself with the story:)

Never give up! Thanks for this update!

Good luck in finishing and may your muse be with you:)
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