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for Saving Bella

7/2 c1 rossales63
I really like this story and I would like to know if you authorize me to post the translation of it in Portuguese on wattpad, I would put all the rights for you of course, I will also put the link to the original story with your name
I posted this same comment on Stars library
but I'm also posting here, I really like your stories
6/24 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
I'll save story two and read them both love them
3/8 c18 38Lovely Black Butterfly
Okay, this is my, I don't know how many times reading this story. But I must never finish it because I can't remember the ending. either that or I'm just old and forgetful, lol.

Anyway I love the story, love your writing, But Bella is pissing me the fuck off right now. I get she hurting. Fuckass fucked her up real good. I even get being suicidal. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and lost everything I own in the process.

But I'll be damned if she's not being a manipulative little brat right now and I'm not sure if I feel more sorry for her or Jasper right now. Damn, he has the worse luck in women. All psychos. I know Alice isn't the bad guy in this story, still a psycho nonetheless. It makes me wonder if I don't finish reading cuz she pisses me off so bad I just wanna punch her in the throat.

Anyway, done with my rant. Love your story. I hope I finish it this time. Or I hope I remember finishing it this time. Psycho brain and all lol
2/14/2021 c1 Guest
Can u please send me saving Bella pdf? I very much enjoy ur writing
9/30/2020 c44 celajwhitney
dumbest chapter on the internet!
9/30/2020 c36 celajwhitney
i don't understand why Charlie puts up with all the crap from the guys on the rez. is he so easily swayed by their opinions? doesn't he have any friends at all who aren't Indians and prejudiced against Jasper?
9/29/2020 c12 celajwhitney
i think i would put Bella over my knee and spank her butt!
9/29/2020 c11 celajwhitney
so the little punk DID wet himself? great!
9/29/2020 c10 celajwhitney
I'm surprised poor Mikey has either wet, or shit his pants by now.
10/4/2019 c56 Guest
Excellent! Good read.
9/24/2019 c56 emoki13
Best fan fiction I have read to date! can't wait for you to finish the sequel!
3/28/2019 c50 celajwhitney
smug prick!
3/27/2019 c40 celajwhitney
bella is being such a pain in the ass! maybe she does need a break from using jasper as a crutch and spend some figuring out what she wants. she's still using other people to make decisions for her and then getting pissed about it.
3/26/2019 c34 celajwhitney
best chapter yet! carlisle and esme got exactly what they deserved. why was carlisle's wants and needs so much more important than the others that they had to perpetually play at being high school students? even if they were young when they were changed they could have had job of some sort or interests outside of being a student. also they were so much more noticeable in small towns than they would have been in a large one.
11/18/2018 c55 apfeltorte
A very nice outcome Bella sending her inner demons forcing a black bubble of doom I like to have Edward rolled up in there (I can’t tell why ripping him apart seems bad torture and bubbling up a better one ... maybe because it‘s magic and because it wraps him in Bellas cocktail that was initiated by himself AND she got rid of her cocktail this way which is wonderful!
Thanks so much for the writing and lets check out Made of Stone
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