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for Fate Has No Hold

9/3 c1 1Srta.NR
Isso foi absolutamente maravilhoso. Gostei desse tipo de escrita. Tem muitooooo potencial para mais capítulos. Espero que volte a escrever um dia.
4/21/2009 c1 5rapunzl
Wow. You weren't kidding when you said dark; no happy endings here, no pleasantries - just raw hurt and hardened hearts.

I really enjoyed this piece, even so. Again, your descriptions of the scene, the characters expressions, their emotions are all artful and so well written. I am becoming quite the fan of your work. :)
6/13/2007 c1 chloe alone
love it though i wish they could be together forever.
7/24/2003 c1 Enchanter
Oh my! That was absolutely wonderful and so sad...but in a good way. Excellent work!
1/14/2003 c1 KatrinaAnn
I love it, but oh my god, Marguerite not with Roxton it's heart breaking, especially as there's a w***, I can't call her his w***, I won't. Where's the next chapter, don't leave it to long, you're killing me, my poor heart.
1/11/2003 c1 7Gabbo
Awwww the best, the best...not weird at all. Is a nice change to read this. Where's the next chapter, can't hardly wait! Love the line about the hair. Challenger's lost daughter...hehehe
1/10/2003 c1 Trudy Perry
Actually, I didn't think it was weird at all - I thought it was in intriguing start! Keep up the good work.
1/5/2003 c1 Guest
are you going to write any more of that?
1/3/2003 c1 8veggie5

I'm intrigued! Great start! I love the great plot twists you've thrown in. Tho, it was sad to read that Marguerite left poor Roxton at the alter. :( Keep up the amazing work... I know you will. :)
1/2/2003 c1 orry28
Please keep writing! I am really enjoying the twist of child involved.
1/2/2003 c1 lisa

Red hair, why not? I like the imagination!

Roxton married this ...(very bad word for a woman with low morals)

Challengers long lost daughter... funny :)

I´ll love the next chapter!

Love, Lisa
1/2/2003 c1 10TLWROX
Tear my heart out, stomp on it, spit on it, and run away with it, why dontcha? Where's the next part? Cuz you're GONNA write about Roxton following her to New York, RIGHT? And him leaving his wife and marrying Marguerite- RIGHT? (And her hair back to dark brown- RIGHT? Uhhhh- Marguerite as a red-head- *shudder and whimper*- though that line about Challenger's long-lost daughter was FUNNY) ;)

This was absolutely fantastic. Though it DID make me all depressed to think about M leaving R at the altar- it was beautifully written.

I CERTAINLY hope you give us another part. Wonderful job! :) :) :)
1/1/2003 c1 fab
this definitely has grabbed my attention. Roxton with all that penned up anger and desire underlining it is so good. continue on can't wait!
1/1/2003 c1 Emma
intersting... keep going, I'd like to see what happens in New York.
12/31/2002 c1 Beckers
Well done! We are so used to "happliy ever afters" and "sweeping romance" that we tend to forget the "what ifs" ...

The LJR in this story reminds me of the Roxton we meet at the beginning episodes of TLW. He could be quite arrogant and cynical, trying to get past his ghosts. He was a man who had never been in love. Then, once on the plateau, he found a new family and the woman of his dreams ... Oh, what a cruel blow that the return to "civilization" brought with it such angst!

And Marguerite. Still the same yet we hear a hint of pain when she talks about "their wedding day" and an unexpected surprise. Does she regret leaving when she did? I think so but to face the man she loved and still loves - when he has, it seems, become so cold hearted ...

Again, well done!
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