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13h c109 Guest
Great story. The only thing I’d have added would be seeing snape and Harry realize that Marvolo was able to feel remorse for Lilly’s death. and maybe who Theo, Draco, Hermione, etc. married. But I really loved seeing the Wizarding world through them and the changes they made
14h c109 duchessme
LOL,I'm kinda lost but who's Tara again?In Harry's future his girlfriend isn't part of it?And Marcus,ahem,hehe,kinda unexpected of his was a very sad scene.
11/11 c109 mystic
Excellent story and finish...In a way I am sad it ended because it was exciting and not predictable.
11/10 c7 deckerss
This is pointless to comment so long after the ff is complete and all, but here we go:
I was pleased with this fanfiction up until the idea of the adoption succeeding.
1. Tom is not Lord Slytherin until he adopts Harry, therefore he cannot be ruled in favor of due to "being a most Ancient and Noble House", even if he had somehow claimed House Guant first.
2. There is no way in hell that Tom's return would not be met with suspicion or a huge media frenzy or a lot of people being in shock and wary, including the dumb bitch in the adoption office.
3. Even if his story was entirely true, no one in their right mind would be like "okay sure, you can adopt the boy whose parents you killed while under a curse!". That breaks the realism way too much
4. Sirius Black's name is about to be cleared, this is obviously an easy way they could attempt to stop the adoption, by having Sirius be a legal guardian since he's Harry's Godfather. Someone with a legal guardian cannot be adopted. If they can, the laws would be so fuckin broken since any old house about to die can willy-nilly adopt someone from any other less old houses who are a distant line. That's effectively an easy blackmail method.
5. IDK how you think you can get away with a story where you think any of the people around Harry would willingly let him be adopted by LORD VOLDEMORT. Beginning of his 7th year, he didn't go back to Hogwarts because of a danger like this, and you think they'd just basically walk him like a lamb to slaughter? ESPECIALLY SIRIUS BLACK?

Yeah no.
11/6 c24 Guest
I haven't read beyond chap. 24 yet, so I don't know if you already thought of this solution. If the inheritance tests have to be done in the presence of a goblin, then why not have the goblin do the test away from the bank for a slight fee?
11/4 c7 Dugleik
what i don't get is why there's no attempts at simply fleeing.
11/3 c109 dgtrekie
This was an awesome story. I loved reading it.
11/3 c109 tommyboynv
Awesome. I’m glad that many years had passed before the epilogue; however, with as much time as you spent hinting at possible relationships for him, we might see something develop with someone.

I really appreciate all the time , energy, and thought you put into the story. It is a masterwork.
11/2 c11 1Rairi Valelira
True evil commits attrocities with an innocent smile in the name of justice
11/2 c10 Rairi Valelira
Well when you consider how most witches and wizards are related, and how Dumbledore practically groomed two dark lords...
I forgot where I was going with this. But anyways, it makes Dumbledore sound like the evil guy.
11/2 c109 Froggydr
really enjoyed this story sad that it ended tbh hopefully you'll do more stories soon
11/2 c9 Rairi Valelira
Harry no longer have a forehead horcrux?
11/2 c109 aniz.g.pillai
A lovely tale. I do believe this is how the Harry Potter series should have gone... Only one sad note ... Chapter 109 kinda surprised me and not entirely in a good way. Replacing Luna felt too close to heartbreak... But then it's your work and your prerogative. All in all, a lovely work. A wonderful read... Thanks for sharing..
11/1 c30 Dr T Riddle
I really love the relationship you've built between Severus and Minerva. Great work.
11/1 c109 Sylphetc
First review I have ever posted but this story is worth it. Excellent story. The last chapter made me tearful. Well done.
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