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8/4/2017 c1 14elizasky
This is wonderful! I really liked the way you used Marilla's and Anne's thoughts about their hair to show what they are feeling.

Poor Gilbert and John. I'm already sad for them.

But I'm interested to see what you have in store for Marilla. You write the tenderness between her and Anne so well, and you do a good job of showing the connection she feels with the Blythes.
10/20/2015 c6 7Bathsheba Blythe
Woohoo! You made it Kim! To the very end! A huge well done is very appropriate here :)
Your story is so wonderful, it really is. I wouldn't change a thing about the plot ;)
The story of Marilla and John is very sweet but… goodness, it really took them a loooonngg while to be with each other, didn't it?
But I liked it how you didn't make them fall in love all at once after John's wife's death, it makes it much more realistic and well, let's be honest, romantic! :)
I loved the fact that you had Joyce live! I was so happy to realise that! :D
And like I said to you so many times before, I really like your writing style, it's so detailed and informative, I can literally imagine every single scene her!
A really big "well done" Kim and I do hope that you will continue with writing! (please do!) ;D
10/20/2015 c6 21hecalledmecarrots
Gosh dear it really DID take them a long time for them to get together! I love how Gilbert and Anne were matchmaking... hahaha I can just see them doing that... and *sigh* Gilbert and Anne married and EVENTUALLY John and Marilla!

It was a very interesting plot my dear and it was close enough to the normal plot for it to be identified as Anne but far enough away to be your own
And I love you had Joy live! And how their grandbabies wanted them to marry too!

Their story is almost as beautiful as Anne and Gilbert's!

Well done dear !
10/19/2015 c6 2Kim Blythe
Hi everyone, I don't know if you have already read chapter six ? If you have, I will suggest of you to go re-read it in a few moment, because I had realized that I had made some small errors, and I've corrected them just now….

But if you haven't read it already, then it is your luck, because when you will go and read it, the errors would all be gone by then…
10/5/2015 c5 DrizzyJayy
Update soon! I started reading this today and I can't wait to read the rest! I'm wondering if the ring was a family heirloom or was the ring infact for marilla!
10/7/2015 c5 21hecalledmecarrots
I owe you a review dear!
It's funny you should mention baby names, you know my little ones name we picked it out very early on in our relationship like we knew we were each other's already... we also have a boys name picked out too, and it just feels like something which would happen and it's so intimate that Gilbert should share THIS moment with Anne... it's those moments which make a relationship and a close one.

It's sweet about the ring... Heit's never really occurred to me that it could come from his family, In always had this imagine if Gilbert saving the first time he proposed then when she said no him thinking "fine I'll just spend it then" but never brings himself round to doing it... it's a lovely idea though...

As always a lovely chapter I look forward to the next
10/4/2015 c4 7Bathsheba Blythe
A lovely chapter!
I really liked it that you put in some of John and Marilla into your story.
And such a beautiful picture you made by describing how Diana was lying on Fred's legs while Gil was lying on Anne's. It was really nicely written and well, just a very romantic and touching picture to be seen!
I'm really glad for John, that he found a friend in Marilla, a soul to which he can always turn to… Really enjoyed this chapter, Kim! ;)
10/4/2015 c5 Bathsheba Blythe
Oh, that is a really sweet ending!
I really enjoyed reading your story and I think that you should definitely write more of them!
I liked the whole idea of the small box which was passed from Gil's mother to Gilbert himself. It was all really sweet and touching in a way.
It was such a nice conversation between Gil and Anne, about their future-children's names, especially because we all know how they are all going to be named.
And again, you write in such detail, that I could easily picture the wedding photograph of John and Gil's mother and later the picture of John with Marilla.
All in all, a really well done on the whole story and please, write more! ;)
10/3/2015 c1 2Kim Blythe
Hello there girls and guys, I am so sorry, I had to completely repost my entire story, because I had made some terrible mistakes and while trying to post my new chapters, I had mixed all of them all together. So this his why my story feels like brand new, with two new chapters for you girls and guys to read ! They are chapter 4 and 5 !

I don't know yet if the chapter 6 will be the last one of my story, it depends on how the writing goes, but, I almost feel like it could be the last one.

Hopefully I will be posting it next week !
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