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for The Ghost Boy

6/26/2017 c1 vampyuuki13
I really wanted to read this, but the format the me off. If you get it fixed i would love to read it.
3/31/2016 c1 3soaring freedom
I think that this story is really good. But I am having trouble reading it through all the lines of code in-between.
There seems to be a problem when you published it. Maybe you should try to re-upload it. If you need any help, you can send me a PM, and I will do my best.
2/13/2016 c1 GhostGirl
What the F is that?
12/21/2015 c1 9GhostHex
Hey author, I get that you're trying to post your story directly from wattpat but the way the format is set up, it didn't translate well into fanfiction format. The words are here but they're hard to read between all the coding.

I ask that you please go over it and fix it so your viewers can see what you are trying to say in your story.
11/12/2015 c1 9tail
it looks like a very good fanfic but i can't read it. i have seen it happen though and i know u can fix it
10/5/2015 c1 5RhymingRobin
i can't read a thing with all the coding!
10/4/2015 c1 61Aeon The Dimensional Girl
Im reading this in my computer, but it looks like some coded version. Maybe you should try and publish it again.
10/4/2015 c1 5Savirox
Euh ? Is that a secret code or something ?
10/4/2015 c1 Nobody
There is something weird with code of text but it's probably only my tablet, or is it?

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