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2/16/2020 c4 2MemoriesofHitomeChan
You have no idea how much I respect you for calling out Riordan's money wringing ways. After comparing his works I honestly believe he is not even writing them anymore. The characterizations change drastically between series (see Nico and Percy relationship from the first to second series) and the mythology is getting more and more inaccurate.
2/15/2020 c1 Lishiba
I can see that you really had great plans for this book, and that you're an even greater writer! I really hope that you're actually rewriting this thing into a real fic, because then it would be one of the best fanfiictons ever!
8/7/2017 c10 SuperPotterJackson5
Great story so far! Poor Nico...I hope Percy sees what's hurting him soon. Can't wait for the update!
9/15/2016 c10 30BornAsTheSeventhMonthDies
Come on, come on, update, please...for me...I love the story. It's awesome. You write so well, everything just fits, it's good. It's all good.
4/6/2016 c9 WrenIsAWeirdo
UPDATE! Please, it's to good to leave at a cliffhanger
1/17/2016 c2 5Voidfish
I like how you had Annabeth join the Hunt rather than die! This is a great story so far. :)
1/8/2016 c8 1sky-full-of-raindrops
Nice! I love the way you opened the chapter, and the way you incorporated the slide from the dream-world to reality. Can't wait for the next update!
12/22/2015 c7 7That One Asexual
12/1/2015 c6 WiseGirl22
Please say something about Annabeth's Huntress life.
12/1/2015 c6 fandomsforever2003
Please update!
11/17/2015 c5 That One Asexual
My smol Italian child! Nooooo! Just let your walls down! PS, you couldn't believers much I was fangirling when I saw this story!
11/17/2015 c5 1SnowyIce
Noooo, what is Nico doing!? Awww, Percy was just beginning to feel better because of Nico, and then he chooses to run away? I really hope someone can smack some sense into him! How awful Percy must feel as well :(
I'm looking forward to next chapter
11/8/2015 c4 glamourgal22
;( He is so sad !
11/7/2015 c4 1sky-full-of-raindrops
Is it bad that I enjoy when Percy puts his mind on autopilot and just unleashes violence? I've been thinking about it, and this is probably why I ship Percico- because of my view on Percy. Seaweed Brain goes with Wise Girl, but Percy hasn't really been a seaweed brain since he was fourteen and held the sky. A teenager with a stupid sense of humor? Yes. Impulsive, saying things and doing things without thinking them through first? Yes. Loyal to a fault? Definitely. But not stupid. Not a Seaweed Brain. Especially not after two wars and Tartarus. So he has no place with Wise Girl. He's not your typical hero either- he'd sacrifice the world to save his friends. So no Calypso. Any god(dess) is kind of unrealistic either, especially because Percy would want a lasting, committed relationship, which a god(dess) can't really give him. Rachel and Reyna are awesome, independent women, both of whom moved on and are living happily and being awesome already. Everyone else finds a partner, and is not interested in Percy, and has a realistic, working relationship. Except for Nico. And if battle-hardened, tough-as-Stygian-iron Nico will let his walls down for anyone, it'll be Percy. And since Percy insists on carrying every single person he cares about on his back, Nico'll be more than happy to share the burden. Because Percy cares too much and Nico's afraid to care at all. Because Percy's hurting and Nico knows what he's going through. Because Nico pulls away from everyone so he won't feel the pain of having them ripped away and Percy decides to be the human shield so everyone else is protected from the pain while he wears the scars, he holds the sky. He chose to be the prophecy child so that Nico wouldn't have to. (Looking back on it, that's really cute.) Also, my Percy is substantially darker than Riordan's. If you hurt his loved ones, he will enjoy watching you choke to death on your own blood. He's going to maniacally laugh as he tears your army to shreds. This makes him more suited for Nico, who is also undeniably dark. Finally, I'm a huge lover of ANGST, and you have to go through a whole lot of that to get Percico fluff. So yeah. That's why I think I ship Percico so much. Sorry it was so long. Keep writing! You're amazing!
11/4/2015 c3 Guest
Oh my gosh that was so sad but i want to know what happens next :( please ;-;
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