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10/6/2015 c2 fandomsforever2003
Please update!
10/5/2015 c2 1sky-full-of-raindrops
Dude, I think Percico is my new OTP. Have you checked out StarOfFeanor's Never Two Late and Could Never Imagine? Or Nobody13XIII's The Choices We Make and Dying To Live? You're (Not) Running Away Again by Julie Anna T? TheRebelFlesh's Fix You? Depression by Loving Healer? I think I have more, but I can't find them. PM me if you know any good Percico fics because YESSSSSSS. Oh, and THANK YOU FOR THE REALISTIC PERCABETH BREAKUP! Don't bring the romance too fast... wait it out a couple more chapters. Percy's going to be heartbroken for a while before he even considers anyone else. I love your writing style, by the way. I'm definitely favorite-ing and following this story. Keep writing! You're amazing!
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