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4/23/2020 c28 107koukoua
As much as i like your story, i feel the need to point out how immature you're making chloe.
First, she should've been able to say:okay, we'll be on a break until your birthday. Even if they are so in love, two months are nothing compared to the risks they took.
And then, being so angry when finding out about the dare? Beca had proven multiple times that she was serious about her.
Sorry, just had ro say it.
But good job on everything else!
2/15/2019 c32 MaliXx
Oh my god what a ride... one of my very favorite Bechloe stories/universes out there.. affected me so much it's scary! And the writing is AMAZING, not too much not too little of anything.. I'm totally hooked!
11/13/2018 c32 joanshea
I loved your story - it was riveting to say the least. I couldn't wait to finish but can't wait for more. I think they belong to each other.
11/12/2018 c16 Guest
Its really nice
10/10/2018 c32 madnessa
thank you for writing this ahhhh
10/10/2018 c32 madnessa
omg i love it so muchhh i’m so happy you made a sequel you portray the characters so well and the story is amazing!
3/28/2018 c32 25Marissa-Xtreme SelDem Fan
I just finished this story and I just wanted to tell you it was AMAZING! I loved everything! I hate that Chloe had to end it like that, but Beca was being stubborn and it was for the best. Going to go start reading I Promise You now! :D
3/14/2018 c32 Wahineco
So heartbreaking...
3/14/2018 c25 Wahineco
Love this.
3/13/2018 c3 Wahineco
I love this version of Beca.
1/29/2018 c32 KrRy
Gonna leave my review here before I continue reading the sequel.
In my opinion, chloe having to do that just so that beca would want to go to nashville is ridiculous. And, ironically, it's simply bcuz beca is not mature enough to be reasonable. How so many times beca, herself, and the people around her say that she's changed, she's mature, she's a better person after meeting chloe, but when the situation requires her the most to be all that, she became really naive, unreasonable, and plain stupid. Can even say she's fooling herself.
But then I can understand bcuz as mature as 18 year old can be, she still need so much to learn. She still young, and tend to be stupid when it comes to love.
Another thing I found funny is how in this story, and so many stories I've read, LDR is equal to breaking up (from beca's pov). I mean, we can still have a relationship without being in the same place. Like, of course eventually we have to try to be able to be in the same place, but it's not breaking up for fu*ks sake. Lol. Even funnier bcuz in the end it's not her leaving to nashville that put an end to their relationship. It's her insistance to stay that do that. I'm on team chloe here. Lol
8/7/2017 c32 1mskendrichele
First of all you nearly killed me after this chapter. You're seriously a great writer and it's been really fun to read this.
3/28/2017 c2 14bilbobarneybobs
Love it!
Oh my god, Stacie is such a flirt!
2/26/2017 c32 malexfaith
I have spent all night reading this... work is going to ... not be so good tomorrow. This is amazing. I need that sequal. It is detailed, captivating, warming, fun. Love it so much. Thanks heaps for sharing
11/2/2016 c32 SKFF
Fucking hell...I knew that was coming..but that didn't play out at all like I expected..

That was probably one of the most diffficult chapters to read..ever..

Everything up to Chloe lying and saying she met someone else was what I thought would happen, and even though that was a complete lie from Chloe..it was extremely hard to process..

I really don't know what else to say.. I normally would process these endings for a while, but with the sequel already well on its way, I'm going to start it straight away; to avoid overthinking this.

Overall, great work on this story. It all came along very nicely and I'm glad that you saw it through. Your writing has been very professional and easy to read.

And now onto the sequel.
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