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for Demon Of The Hidden Leaf

3/1 c16 Guest
It’s good story but some nitpicks I have is that he is like super buff right? And other ninja I’ve seen normally uses light weapons like katanas and shuriken so they would be weak compared to Naruto logically then I read some sword clashes and somehow a katana is standing up to a sword that can weigh as much as a ten year old child like how. Also I’m kinda not seeing how Naruto get this shy over girls at 13 or older like when I was 13 I was looking I bet the girls knew I was looking and I’m happy with the sight because I’m not a pedo but anyways make his emotions more realistic than borderline bipolar like one second shy another second laughing another second serious and philosophical.
3/2 c16 Sahvoz808
Please update soon, I'm loving these plot twists.
2/26 c5 nielnica12
Ok so this better be necessary.
2/26 c3 nielnica12
He can’t use a sealing storage for his sword?
2/26 c1 nielnica12
What was kushina’s fate in the original? I couldn’t remember
2/22 c16 midnightscar17
I think 4 was to much maybe 2 marks. Also you never did have a talk with Tsunade
2/18 c16 Wackyboi
NOOOOOOO, pls update mate. Like the rework btw
2/19 c2 Otaku-king-389
Honestly this story continues to draw me in it’s so well written and it’s not forced by which I mean it flows naturally
2/19 c16 IndianaJohhney
Pretyy good. I liked the ending.
2/19 c1 Otaku-king-389
So right off the bat this story has me drawn in it’s not often you see a story where naruto decides to honor
2/3 c16 4Keytoviktory
God damn this is some amazing shit! Love this fic.
2/2 c16 kekbekmekflekwek
Oof, yet another grisly kill for you to get off to, huh?
2/2 c14 kekbekmekflekwek
You still left in people saying he had triple Chakra natures. Also, do you get off on having your characters slaughter each other? I like this story, but it's obvious you get off on gore. You're sick. But we all know this story will never be completed, so I don't know why I care.
2/1 c5 MojoBlack
Kakashi is a damm hypocrite lol. He got mad because Sasuke lost one of his eyes? Really? Im sorry but I call bs favoritism in this one. If he saya Kiba should suck it up just because them so should he
1/27 c16 7legends
Kinda wished you wouldn't have killed off Shizune, but you still get a follow grom me.
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