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3/27/2017 c4 Guest
This fanfic is sort of ... Lacking in getting to the point.
3/27/2017 c4 Unknown 3
This story is going good so far and I would like for you to continue this and I know Luffy is Ace's light and all but, it would be cool if Ace was hypnotized or something to actually go along with the whole capture "Straw Hat" Luffy. Then there would be this whole confrontation between the two where Luffy cant fight Ace like this.
3/27/2017 c4 Bobbi
I'm the guest who called Teach Yandere and mentioned Sabo. I decided to give myself a nickname cause I'm going to keep reviewing this story. :P By the way, when I was calling Teach 'Yandere', I meant he was acting obsessed and possessive towards Ace. It wasn't meant in a 'romantic' way (Nope nope nopety nope hell no nope.)

I loved this chapter. I can see Ace having MDD. It's going to be interesting and heartbreaking to see how Teach manipulates him (probably making his self-worth even worse in the process, I'm betting). It's going to be doubly heartbreaking to see Teach manipulating things so Ace doesn't bond as much with other Whitebeard Pirates. Poor Ace. ;-;

I have to applaud you for your characterization of Teach btw. He really is a manipulative bastard, and in too many fanfics I see that smart and 'planning' side of him overshadowed by his greed and selfishness and supposed 'stupidity' in fanfics. Here you're making him super in character. Thanks for that (even though that means he's going to make Ace's life hell.)

I have a feeling this story is going to make me sad but I'm super invested too. Keep up the good work!
3/6/2017 c3 Pokipo
I think someone has a crush. Teach is such a yandere XD
3/6/2017 c3 Guest
This chapter was awesome and creepy.

Teach is totally Yandere for Ace though. It's almost like he sees Ace as his property or prize or something. 0-0

I'm curious where this is going to go next. Ace won't follow Teach willingly. Teach is going to have to do something to make him, probably by capturing Luffy. Before that I can see Teach trying to 'convince' Ace to join him using torture... I'm scared for Ace.

Is it weird that I can see Sabo of all people being a wrench in Teach's plans for Ace? No one knows he is alive, so if Sabo joins the fray he might just be enough to turn things against Teach and allow Ace (and Luffy, if he gets caught) to get away...
3/6/2017 c3 12Icewing5
Yass! Thank you so much for this story! I think it will be very interesting to see Teach play his cards right...
I'm a sucker for Ace-whump so please continue!
There are some grammer mistakes here and there, no offense but still readable and the plot is interesting.
Looking forward to your next update!
3/5/2017 c3 lostdog200
Thank-you so much for the update, My poor baby Ace!
3/5/2017 c3 Guest
I can't believe I just found your story! It was amazing! I never even thought of this possibility.
But, there's also one other thing. I find it hard to believe that Ace told Teach everything about him. I don't think he would say anything about his heritage so maybe he kept that a secret (or maybe I missed something).
I like to think that Ace has some type of secret that he had not told anyone (like a secret ability, or his heritage or something like that) that he could use against Teach. This is only because I doubt that Ace told even the closest person everything about himself (maybe he tells Sabo and Luffy).
But it's your story so I won't jump into conclusion.

Anyways, great story. I'd love to read more.
2/24/2017 c1 1EmperialGem21
Can already tell that this is going to be a great story! Can't wait for Oyagi's reaction about Thatch and possibly Marco's supposed strange ability bringing people back to life. I'm loving it so far.
2/23/2017 c2 Anon
2/23/2017 c2 Random Person
YESSS! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this! I'm super glad that you're continuing this story.
7/25/2016 c1 Bored321
Was provoking in it's intensity, but failed to deliver the remainder.
5/23/2016 c1 20ame no itteki
Omg, please please update this! I really want to know what happen next . What would happen to Ace now?
1/24/2016 c1 Guest
Did ace just catch up to teach?
I kinda want to see the Whitebeards pirates (and luffy's) reaction to realizing Ace is blackbeard's prisoner.
(I can't see ace being compliant or agreeing with teach unless the consequence is right in front of him- like luffy or one of the other Whitebeard pirates held prisoner as well).
1/12/2016 c1 lostdog200
I read this when it was first put into the archive I didn't review or comment I regret that
I see it's been at least three months since then with no update, I'm sorry about that to.
Look I know that your more than an author, your a person A human being who has their own life and problems.
I regret not being able to read an update because of how rare a story like this is, like a black winged angel, but I understand THANKS FOR THE FIC !
Love lostdog
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