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for Spanner Crack

12/29/2017 c1 3marie-chronicallyPESSIMISTIC
Oh fudge this is just too cute i'm squeeing so hard-! Cutieeeeees! *heart heart*
7/2/2017 c1 Guest
3/8/2017 c1 katsekala
How funny! Many kisses!
5/22/2016 c1 3FlyWithMeToNeverland09
kya~~~! So cute~~~~!
4/14/2016 c1 helphelpHALPHAHAHA
Dawwwwww~~~~ I never knew that a pair like this can exist! :D
1/29/2016 c1 Skull1412
Lol, she said that yet it didn't activate I love Spanner aka X-Burner
12/26/2015 c1 Ed
Oh my gosh, Spanner you adorable nerd. The interaction with him and Tsuna is really cute, the sweetness and the teasing, and I like how you write the Reborn & Tsuna relationship too.
12/9/2015 c1 4BAdFanFicTIONrighter99
Aww that was cute, I loved it.
11/21/2015 c1 Glory7789
awwww! this is so cute!
10/18/2015 c1 18ilovecartoonsgirl
Now that...was hilarious. lol...Spanner and Reborn :) Good job!
10/5/2015 c1 xD
Kyaaaaa this pairing is under rated and thank you sooooo much for this sugar x3 Hope you get some sleep soon though
10/6/2015 c1 5Holymagic



(some Spanner love ; always welcome)
10/5/2015 c1 1Kademe
Yes Tsu-chan is too cute.
For her own good.
Good job like always.
I want this contacts.
really cute.

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