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for Assassination Classroom: Vongola Style!

7/24 c8 daliapv.perez
2/9 c8 Guest
It’s really a wonderful book! Please update soon! I really want to know want will happen in the future ️
11/11/2019 c8 iewz
I love it! Do you ever plan on doing an Arcobaleno's version? XD
8/12/2019 c8 Dman4869
Ty for ur work! Will u still continue?
6/5/2019 c5 Chiyo
nếu Nagisa có lửa thì lửa bầu trời cũng có thể nói làm tạm ổn
Nhưng tôi nghĩ là lửa Mưa
4/25/2019 c8 1Ciela Fullbuster16
If 3-E were to see Hayato's excited-ness over SEEING Tsuna..., oh how I love to see that
8/1/2018 c1 LavaLilly
see you soon
6/12/2018 c4 Ann
This is great! Hibari is anti-social and no one will force him to crowd. I love how he's entirely uncowed by the Chairman.
Lol, I bet Nagisa was elevated to "omnivore" level after battling Takaoka. After Kayano's betrayal, I wonder if she qualified as omnivore or carnivore in Hibari's book. She played at being sweet and friendly but the whole time she was in intense pain. Mmm
6/11/2018 c1 Ann
Oh my this was great!
4/19/2018 c8 SnowyLuna
I look forward to reading about both ryohei and lambo~ What about an adult Tsunayoshi? I love this story so keep up the absolutely amazing work! I look forward to the future chapters! Xoxox
4/15/2018 c8 2SleeplessForest27
4/9/2018 c8 Guest
4/9/2018 c8 olivia.rodriguez.927
I love this~
2/9/2018 c7 Guest
Niceeeee! I'm so curious about the next chapter... update soon!
2/6/2018 c7 2Yamakira27
Can't wait 4 the next chap, keep writing. I love ur story :)
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