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12/6/2016 c9 ConanananE-L-L-L
Just genious!I devoured is just perfect.
It has the whole package:vivid narration,exceptional vocabulary,original ideas
I crave for more!
11/9/2016 c8 Guest
8/6/2016 c9 lady73
The finish is very nice and I hope that one day you can come back with a single shot of Vilkas and Ronja ! Thank you for this! :)
8/5/2016 c9 Guest
7/20/2016 c9 Nina
Viggo among the Companions? I like this ! Poor Vilkas, he counts the days, this is love! she's back for him! I like the final tension and the passion that follows! Thank you for this!
7/20/2016 c8 Nina
I really loved their kiss! But above all, each chapter of your story!
7/12/2016 c9 mia78
I loved the way you've built this story! You have also given space to other people, it was always pleasant and very well done! Vilkas counted the days, for a moment I feared that the two remain distant, but she's back! LOVEEE IT this couple is very beautiful! thanks for doing this!
7/6/2016 c9 Guest
Really a good story
7/4/2016 c9 Lydia
Very well done! I immediately loved Vilkas and Ronja! I really loved the whole story ,your characters, and of course I love the ending! I hope in some single shot with Ronja, Vilkas, Viggo , Farkas and Cyrus !
7/4/2016 c9 Manu
She is finally back to him! I loved this story !
7/3/2016 c9 Guest
Greaaaattt ..want epilogue...romantic epilogue pleaaase...you are a great writer...my friend
6/29/2016 c8 Guest
only one more chapter? nuuuuuuuuuuuu T_T 2 please... XD
6/29/2016 c8 mia78
She kissed him! That was great! I was hoping she come back with them, I thought they could become a new family for her! I still hope that she and Vilkas at the bottom can be together, he was very gentle with her! I think he was hostile to her, because basically wanted her since they first met! I'll be here!
6/28/2016 c8 Lydia
Ohhh he kissed her..and he let her free...ohh my...gosh...plz update soon need more of this two...
6/28/2016 c8 Manu
fantastic update, really nice chapter, addictive and fun! Ah, the kiss was warm and beautiful! Vilkas was able to apologize in the end, I hope that the two could end up together!want this two together!Congratulations on your writing! Really beautiful
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