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for Fight for Freedom: A Sonic Series

3/30/2016 c38 UltimateCCC
Bringing the hastags back!
3/1/2016 c37 CherryPuffball
This chapter isn't finished...
12/14/2015 c34 Guest
Man I hope Sonic, Tails and Knuckles get to go out of the city and fight Lyric.
12/5/2015 c1 unusedaccplsdeletthis
As a huge fan of SatAM, the Archie comics and their universe, I naturally am really enjoying this. I'm annoyed that the Genesis Wave had to happen because of Ken Penders though...
That aside, I like the story so far. There are a few errors here and there, but nothing too big. You might choose to go back and edit it in future.
12/5/2015 c32 UltimateCCC
The old foot in key hiding trick.
11/25/2015 c30 UltimateCCC
Chaos, the God of Destruction and Tikal's best friend.
11/20/2015 c27 UltimateCCC
Only the Master Emerald guardian can control the energies of the Master Emerald.
11/18/2015 c26 UltimateCCC
No doubt Rouge will go on a hell raising spree when she finds out about Tails' torture.
11/16/2015 c25 UltimateCCC
We're getting close.
11/15/2015 c24 9Serene Serious
I don't mind the spelling mistakes, because this story moves pretty fast, and there are some laughs to be had. I also like the Sonally, lol. Can't wait for your next chapter!
11/12/2015 c24 UltimateCCC
Moment killed.
11/11/2015 c23 1Monty's Cloudy Day
Whoa...Poor Tails. I would have never guess that HE would be tortured. It seems like the criminals are really starting to kick things up a notch. They seem to be a lot more vindictive and brutal this time around.

However, I'm pretty sure that when Sonic finds out what happened, he gonna blow a fuse. Though, I wouldn't mind seeing an enraged and vengeful side of Sonic.
11/11/2015 c23 FGI
oh wow..I didn't think torture would be in this. Sonic is definitely going to be pissed once he finds out. I would not blame him one bit.
11/11/2015 c23 UltimateCCC
It can't be!
11/11/2015 c22 Quarrin Munehidu
Silver and Gold are actually good people, remember?
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