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for A Heart to Heart With Billy Black

2/1/2016 c1 25Jessica314
This was really sweet! I always thought it must have been so awkward for Jacob, and I can see this being a very difficult topic for him to bring up... Which makes this special occasion the perfect time to finally set he record straight. Thanks for a great little future-shot :)
10/12/2015 c1 9Moonlight howling
I liked this a lot, never seen a story like this (one-shot).
As for who Embry's father is, I only know what's in The Official Illustrated Guide. This is a book with a lot of background info on all characters in Twilight. It's amazing, and I check it often.
It has family-trees of all four wolf-lines, and what's in there surprises many, I think.

For one: it gives a good reason (to me at least), on why Sam didn't imprint on Leah. It is because Sue is of the Uley-bloodline, so in Leah (and Seth), the Clearwater and Uley-lines are already mixed. In fact; Leah's great-grandfather and Sam's great-grandfather, were brothers. In my opinion, they shouldn't even have dated, but that's me.

Now to Embry: the guide says that either Billy, Joshua Uley or Quil IV could be his father. I don't know why Harry isn't considered. Now Embry's name, and his mother's are put on the bottom of the Uley-page, which I find a subtle hint. Also, he was conceived outside of La Push, as an already pregnant Tiffany Call moved to the res. As far as I know, Billy and Quil IV hardly left La Push, maybe just for a short visit. Joshua Uley left his family when Sam was very young, he couldn't cope with their care, the responsibilities. Sounds like a love'm and leave'm type. Sam then became the man of the house, and that's why he's mature for his age and maybe also quite serious in nature. He's not like his father much, which I think he wants to show, by working hard.

That's all I got (a lot, I know). Maybe you could check out The Guide and decide for yourself.

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