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8/5/2019 c11 Asereth
Holy shit! You updated! Finally! Anyway thanks for continuing this story
7/28/2019 c11 UltimateCCC
Really? End it with a cliffhanger after 4 years of hiatus?
12/16/2018 c10 YaBoiiTj
Love what ive read so far. Is this story dead though?
7/10/2017 c1 8MyNeoRose
10/10, adorable, and sweet, I love this story, keep it up.
8/26/2016 c10 6ImmaPegacornz
I love this story so much! You should probably make Palutena explain to them why they can't be together, like a,"Angels can't be with Gods" kinda thing.
4/2/2016 c10 chaosh4x
more, I need more... it's bloody adorable and I love it
3/25/2016 c10 Guest
What the sequel is it out yet
1/31/2016 c10 Guest
idea for next chapter: palutena is still under the chaos kins influence a tiny bit
1/12/2016 c10 UltimateCCC
Have they ever had their first official date?
11/15/2015 c8 Guest
This story is pretty good! Keep up the good work
11/16/2015 c9 Michael16
What is the difference between rated M and rated T?
11/16/2015 c9 UltimateCCC
Young love...I think?
11/15/2015 c8 Michael16
Is Paletana jealous,perhaps?...o.o
11/15/2015 c8 2Mizzter R
Awesome chapter as always! Keep up the good work :)
11/15/2015 c8 UltimateCCC
Viridi should tell Palutena about her relationship with Pit to ease down.
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