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for GSC: Press Your Galactic Luck

9/4 c6 26Bluesaber3
Finally reading this! Thanks again for featuring Montana! It sounds like she had a lot of fun! You had me on the edge of my seat at the end hoping none of the characters would get whammies. Love the shili cheese reference too. xD I need to get around to reading the rest of this once I'm done writing my final NSNW4 chapters.
11/11/2016 c10 8Sparks' Stories
I think I just about jumped out of my own boots for this final game, and what a game it was! I'm of course over the moon that Cayla walked away the champion of theme week and with quite the prize haul to show the rest of Tey tribe when she arrives home on Shili. I also have to say thanks for your portrayal of her too, once again you captured her perfectly here and I couldn't be happier both with her performance and the outcome, with of course all due respect for all the great contestants (even the separatists) who took part in these fast few games.

I had to laugh at Zat's reaction to the board being different to the one he had learned as a way to get through his initial game a bit easier, though it still seems that he had as much fun here even despite the extra whammies he was unfortunate enough to pick up along the way and hey, he even almost won it.

Saesee too didn't enjoy the best of luck hitting four whammies, but his own game certainly combined well with his fellow competitors to show that the board on any given day can throw out some very enjoyable scenarios as well as an equal share of great prizes or crazy whammies.

Overall I very much enjoyed theme week as I have this entire series. The finale was also a lot of fun as mush as it was filled with tension toward the end, but again, I'm even more delighted with the finish and for Cayla.

Thanks again, Count!
11/11/2016 c9 Sparks' Stories
Talk about a rainstorm of whammies, I don't think we've seen that many in one game before, the board was certainly in the mood but then who better to dish it all out to than the evil separatists?

I guess both Tikkes and Poggle would be happy not to be in the final given the abundance of Jedi who could easily arrest them afterward, so that 2k worth of credits will have to do them this time.

Really looking forward to reading the grand finale of theme week next up. Fingers crossed for our barefooted Togruta contestant especially! :P
10/29/2016 c8 Sparks' Stories
This was a great way to shake the game up a bit with the inclusion of the younglings and the modified board, it really did lead to some crazy and fun results.

It's hard not to feel sorry for Ashla and Katooni, the whammies just seemed to be out in force for them while Zatt managed to find a way around them and make it all the way to the victory without picking up a single one and making a lot credits along the way, reminds me of that story you once told me about the real life game and the guy who figured out the board, it's no wonder Katooni wondered if her classmate was cheating. :P

Again, this was a very fun entry and as always, I look forward to reading the next instalment.
10/28/2016 c7 Sparks' Stories
I do have to admit, it's very enjoyable when games take twists and turns when you least suspect them and this one certainly triumphed on that front over and over again.

I guess the luck of the Togruta wasn't on Shaka Ti's side this time, though as she found out first hand the board can be a treacherous thing and throw out one of those whammies at any given time.

I had to laugh when landed on the Tatooine trip, especially a little later on when a more favourable prize to a water planet popped up. It's also cool to see a few firsts for the board, including the lack of any whammies for a time, adding to the randomness.

It seems Saesee is as good at navigating his way around the board as he would be piloting a fighter through an asteroid field though with a few more thousand credits in his pocket :P

I look forward to reading the next entry involving the younglings, especially after seeing that the game will be a little different.
10/13/2016 c6 Sparks' Stories
Definitely another great instalment to the series, it's always good when the game goes down to the wire and this was a perfect example of that. I even have to admit that near the end, I was probably as in the edge of my seat as the crowd for the finish, that's how exciting it was and that final Double Your Credits really kicked things into overdrive.

On to the characters, it was nice to see Narina taking part alongside a fellow Togruta healer, I imagine she and Cayla would have quite the conversational the green room after the camera's stop, likewise with Montana who seems the kind of person Cay would get on well with given their similar senses of humour.

The finish to the show was quite a surprise, though I'm of course very happy to see Cayla win after a great game against two very good fellow contestants and if all goes well, hopefully, we'all see her back again for the grand finale. I also had to laugh at her reaction to some of the prizes, especially the TV as I can just imagine her trying to explain that one to her mom, though the Shili Safari sounds like something she was enjoy, even if it's her home planet, she's always been a curious one and any opportunity to discover something new is always a welcome one.

Again, this was another fun entry with a lot of twists, turns and excitement and I can't wait to read the next entry once it's ready to be uploaded.

Also, as a side note, I think you captured my own personal vision for Cayla perfectly here and I have to say thanks for that. Job very well done. :D
2/6/2016 c5 Sparks' Stories
The randomness of the board shines yet again, if only Madame Jocasta hadn't hit that whammy, she would have had enough to buy a brand new holocron vault and had enough for a decent vacation (if indeed Jedi believe in such things?)

Found it funny that Dooku was only appearing on the show due to the advice of an "associate," though it seems he had about as much luck as that person did during his appearance. It was also a surprise to see San win it all, I guess sometimes the bad guy gets away with the big prize, though it is refreshing to see things get shaken up a bit as opposed to the heroes always getting the luck.

Also enjoyed all the pop-culture references and those that related to your own stories with Cara and Ashley getting a mention. Also, In regards to one of the questions, thank goodness Malak and Cactus are kept far away from you-know-who's canon destroying clutches!

As I've said before, this was a very fun collection to read and hopefully, should you have the time and the inspiration hits you, another five chapters can come along to add to the overall story.
2/4/2016 c4 Sparks' Stories
Poor Jar Jar, though that's what happens when you get greedy and, literally, press your luck. I guess it's good he didn't win in the end, we probably would have heard the end of it otherwise! Horrible luck getting the big prize only to lose it all.

Seems Zeb's luck finally ran out in his second game, though he still managed to do pretty well after his first game, so that's something at least.

Thought the crowd rumbling at San was quite funny, I bet getting through Republic customs to get to the show was a bad enough experience, but he got what he wanted in the end by winning a decent amount to fund the war effort (wonder how far the Clone Troopers on Coruscant will let him get with the cash before they realise the Republic is funding the enemy).

Another fun chapter.
1/25/2016 c3 Sparks' Stories
Talk about a whammy fest! You're simulated board certainly threw out enough destruction to rival a certain other show today, let's just hope the characters don't get any ideas from that ;P

Given the random nature of the board, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that Zeb won. Luck was certainly on his side despite all the spins he took, just a shame he didn't end up winning that trip to Shili to cap it all off.

I figure Cham was being fairly safe here, as he always is. Besides trying to gather funds to safeguard Hera's wellbeing, I imagine anything extra he would have made would have went straight into the Free Ryloth Movement to fund their operations, a shame he didn't win anything in the end, but that's the game.

Had to laugh at Gergor's brain surgery comment, at least he hasn't been driven over the edge yet here, otherwise I'd bet David would have had a bit of trouble understanding his babbling. It's almost fitting he be the first to whammy his way out of the game, unlike Zeb, he doesn't seem to have much luck in life, though perhaps no clone really does.

Another nice instalment to the series.
1/17/2016 c2 Sparks' Stories
Good to see this get updated sooner than intended and another fun read to boot.

Had to laugh at Ahsoka's thought of Lux having a Togruta fetish after the Shaak question, as well as their bickering before the commercial break. It's just a good thing there wasn't a dud prize that sent two of the contestants away on a romantic weekend, I doubt that wouldn't have gone down well for at least one of them. ;)

Wollfe was a surprisingly good addition to the show, he kept to his trademark cold, silent hunter personality for the most part, but it was also clear he wanted to win. Funny thinking that one whammy cost him the game, but he came close and I'm sure he'd be the envy of the Wolfpack with his shiny Zillo waxed armour if indeed he decided to take that parting prize.

As was the one to come before, this was a very fun read on a dull Irish Sunday evening. Great work, Count.
10/12/2015 c1 Sparks' Stories
This was definitely worth the wait.

For a game I've only a small amount of knowledge on, it was made clear and easy to follow from the word go. The character choices also fit in well, Palpatine being the overzealous and impatient was a funny twist, I was half expecting him to fry Filo... *cough* Oilfin with his Force Lightning by the end, but he managed to regain control, probably for the best ;)

I thought Ahsoka and Padme were represented well too, I was expecting them to team up on Palpy at some points verbally, but the game was so intense I don't think there would be time for any playful banter when there were prizes to be won.

Glad to see Ahsoka come out on top with some useful prizes at the end, well, maybe not all useful given her response to the romantic trip to Carlac, abandoning Lux there isn't a bad idea though, heheh. The speeder bike was a nice idea too, and hopefully those extra credits won't be used to fuel any rebellions.

All in all, this was a really fun read. Very good work, Count.

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