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7/12/2017 c25 Guest
I've reread this delicious story again and agin while I wait for the final chapter. In some ways I'm glad the final is not yet up so this story continues but I'm bugger ways, I really look forward to the conclusion of this story.

Hope you're doing well. Thank you for the gift of this story.
6/24/2017 c25 MargaritaS
yay, im so glad they are finally on the same page :)
6/14/2017 c25 Princesakarlita411
Update soon
3/31/2017 c25 Guest
I'm so glad you dedicated this entire chapter to this moment. It's perfect. Love this story and your amazing storytelling.
3/29/2017 c25 8Pentastic
very good. the chapter is not as much sexy as it is intimate. it is fitting
3/28/2017 c25 DifferentialEquation
You can't stop now! You have to AT LEAST get to 30 days :'( :'( :'(
3/28/2017 c23 DifferentialEquation
WHAT? Noooooo
3/28/2017 c22 DifferentialEquation
Holy shot. I think I need a minute before I start the next chapter. Damn. That was HOT.
3/28/2017 c25 Guest
I'm so glad there is one more chapter! This has been one of the best reads ever. Thanks. So. Much!
3/27/2017 c25 AnilCadz91
Ohhhh I'm so happy we get one more chapter :D! This is seriously one of my favorite fics :D! I love how they are a little bit more calmed now. They both got some huge revelations, so I like that for the moment they are only thinking of themselves and they are trying to enjoy themselves :)! And they finally slept together :D! They have been getting ready to get to this point since the beginning of this fic! I absolute adore how they both recognized for how long they have been attracted to each other, for how long this moment has been coming :D. It makes this moment even hotter and more romantic :D! I really like how they both were so nervous XD! And the fact that they wanted to be great at sex xD! It's cute because Logan is the one with more experience, and he was freaking out :D! And Veronica is adorable in how much she wants to be great at sex XD, going so far as to ask Lilly's spirit for help :D! I love how Logan retells their story :D! It's so cute and so Logan XD! And I also really love how Veronica doesn't know how people get out of bed after that XD! Logan has been showing how this part of her was always with her. The whole fiasco with Duncan couldn't take this part away :). She is finally able to show this side of her, and it's all because she trusts in Logan again. And because she wants him as much as he want her :D.
Excellent chapter Simpatico73 :D! I really love this fic :D! I love how much Logan and Veronica's relationship has changed a lot and yet it feels like it has been building up to this moment when they are finally together :D. It feels natural :D. Their attraction is what made them flirty friends in the beginning, and also what made them turn into enemies and then back to tentative friends till they were able to become more :D. It's awesome to read how they get to this point :D and how it feels like this is their destiny :D, like this is the way they were always meant to end up. Because since they met when they were kids, there has been more between them than just friendship. And when they were fighting, there was more than anger between them :).
Thank you so much for updating :D! I can't wait to know what will happen in the last chapter :D! I really love their relationship here :D! It's wonderfully written :D! And so perfect in their wonderfully flawed way :D!
3/27/2017 c25 16wolfe80
So happy to see an update for this! And it was fabulous too. I'm sad there's only one more left, but you've done a really great job telling this story of them.
3/27/2017 c25 14Kayte76
I Love this!

Him wanting to make her life better, *sigh, then tasting a mix of the two of them...

What Logan was thinking...beautiful!

I would have loved one LONG chapter...but I will settle for two of these.
3/27/2017 c25 JoeBug
That chapter was SO worth wait! Maybe not so long of a wait for the next chapter
3/27/2017 c25 Guest
Great update!
3/27/2017 c25 9kerali
Love the chapter and how they dealt with everything. Logan's story was great and I hope Veronica can say the words soon.
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