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1/13/2017 c24 3frenchbobcat
You can be proud, It's very good. I'm sad that the story ends already.
I wait for the next chapter ...
Thank you !
1/13/2017 c24 AnilCadz91
This chapter was so perfect :')! The beginning was so sad :( with Logan being so sure they were going to break up :(. And then Veronica crying in the shower :( until she sees the last tattoo he gave her :(, I was so happy when she realized he loves her and chose to go to him before he left. It was perfect when they reunited :).
It's also amazing how fast they feelings changed, when reading the letters that they wrote each week, the change is from one week to the next, but their interactions were always so charged even when they were angry and hating each other, like they are in their own little world, whether they are hating or loving each other. They were also so intense with their feelings, reading day by day the chapters, the progression is slow and natural. I just noticed when reading their letters that for someone who doesn't know what's been going with them, the change would seem sudden.
And in their last letter, they each confessed to their deepest darkest secrets, the abuse and the rape. And it's amazing that after that, after knowing they told each other something they have been hiding for so long, their biggest worry is not about their own secret, but if the other is really okay. It's amazing how much they trust each other. Logan also finally told him about the ghb and about Lilly, and Veronica believed him :), She trusts him. And she also wants to make it better for him, to free himn from Aaron.
They might not have ended the night like they wanted, having sex for the first time. But they were more intimate with each other than if they had had sex. They took apart the last walls between them, and now they can see how the other feels. That was so perfect, and it's amazingly written.
I think this might be my favorite chapter in the whole fic :), but I love this whole fic a lot. I'm sad it's ending but it has been wonderful. I love the relationship you wrote between them, how natural it felt the change from enemies to lovers, they have never been indifferent to each other. It's been great :D and I can't favorite this enough. Thank you for the update and for your amazing writing :).
1/13/2017 c24 Ellie77177
Thank you very much, this chapter was a very nice birthday surprise for me today! Your story is really great, I like how you make us feel the love and trust they share, very nice done! I can't wait for the next one, so keep writing please!
1/13/2017 c24 9kerali
That was awesome. I loved the letters and how they handled everything. I'm glad veronica got to him before he did something stupid in Mexico. I think my favorite thing though was your take on how she met Lilly and Duncan. I thought that actually worked really well and is something to think about.
1/3/2017 c23 Abef
Good chapter. Finally, someone has the courage to write what a poor father Keith really was. He may have made jokes with V., but he was the one who put her through hell at school because of his erroneous pig-headed pursuit of the Kanes. And, he sent her out to photograph the denizens of town in the dead of night. What a great intro to love and fidelity.
Also liked your Duncan! Many writers waffle between rape and not rape. You wrote a very clear explanation that is a tidy solution to the physical act- consensual. While leaving Duncan swinging from the tree on the fact that even though consensual- he thought she was his half sister when he did it.

I hope your Remaining chapters have some equally interesting solutions in store to all the nonsensical bits in canon.

Very , very good.
1/2/2017 c23 Guest
Wow. Duncan is a sick douche.
12/30/2016 c23 Guest
Oh that was a sad one. Update soon so it can get better.
12/30/2016 c23 Guest
This was a great chapter!
12/30/2016 c23 Angelpete87
I feel bad for Logan and Veronica they had a good first date and then Duncan had to go and ruin it
12/30/2016 c23 jcampbell943
Ever the dramatic. Sometimes it's not always about you Lo. V would have done that for anyone of her friends. It wasn't a boyfriend thing it was a friend thing.
12/30/2016 c23 NHMama
The writing is great, the date was great, the in sync costumes were great, and the Duncan ridiculousness was resolved with blood type. Love it all. Now please go make it all better for LoVe. We only have a few days left and I am all for your terrific version of our couple.
12/29/2016 c23 AnilCadz91
Oh :( this started so happy :( with their the start of their perfect date :( and Logan drawing on Veronica's skin. Even the sort of not great interaction between Logan and Keith didn't seem to be capable of ruinning their date. Damn Duncan :(, he had to ruin everything :(. I only got the reference to the costumes till Duncan showed up in the dance :(. Now I wonder what will happen, because they really have to talk, and there's a lot to process... while I get why Logan was feeling down, Veronica is the one that got shocking news :( and it's sad that they are going to be separated for that moment. Again damn Duncan for only thinking about himself instead of the horror of what Veronica went through :(... Even when Veronica is the one to need time and says this, she seems so surprised that Logan agreed to it :S... that's not a good sign... Really great update :)! I can't wait for the next one :D, and I wish you a very happy and awesome new year Simpatico73 :D!
12/29/2016 c23 MargaritaS
damn their lack of communication skills, i hope she breaks down sooner than later and tells him what is going on. and i really hope that logan manages to tell her about his alibi before someone else does... i am eagerly awaiting the next update :)

ps are you planning to stick to canon about beaver?
12/29/2016 c23 Guest
I really appreciated Logan's inner monologue about Keith being a negligent father. While so many people have focused on what a great relationship Veronica had with her father, it certainly wasn't an ideal parenting relationship. She was more like his business partner. Veronica didn't trust her father to tell him about her rape, what's happening in school, how she felt about her boyfriends, etc. She couldn't emotionally connect to people because she never trusted her father either.

Love how smart this Logan is for recognizing this even when he doesn't have the best father figure.

Wondering what's going to happen to LoVe now. Pls keep telling your story. It's so fun and insightful.
12/29/2016 c23 cheshire15
He needs to explain what she did, she needs to tell him everything. They both need to lay it on the line
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