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3/24/2016 c10 Debbie
Love this side of Ziva. Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/17/2016 c10 Sue Dooley
Terrific! Tiva forever.
3/16/2016 c10 16emeralddragonjewel
Love it
3/5/2016 c9 Debbie
I like this very much. Your daughter had a great idea. Nice finishing touch between the two of them for that scene.
3/3/2016 c9 Sue Dooley
Perfection! Tiva always.
3/3/2016 c9 emeralddragonjewel
love it can't wait for more
2/22/2016 c6 Sara Lovebird
*mon petit pois, other than that's this one shorts are really sweet! :)
2/7/2016 c8 Debbie
Glad you are feeling better. Love this take on the storyline. Looking forward to the next chapter.
2/2/2016 c8 Sue Dooley
Perfection! Fantastic! Tiva forever.
2/2/2016 c8 rubydragonjewel
Love it
2/2/2016 c8 17DS2010
Always loved that scene it was intense and well done
11/4/2015 c7 Sue Dooley
11/4/2015 c7 Guest
I think Tony understood this very well. Great chapter. :)
11/3/2015 c6 Guest
Did you hear that Cote de Pablo new movie the 33 comes out Nov 13
11/3/2015 c6 Sue Dooley
Terrific! Tiva forever.
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