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for Dance, Dance, Fall

5/5/2017 c1 29YokaiAngel
So adorable!~~
10/17/2015 c1 5Shana-Fujioka
The concept of this story is really interesting, it's a pity though that you didn't make it multichaptered and only did a one shot. It would have been interesting to read how they started to dance together and fall in love etc. But I guess, that's your decision. Anyway, well done! :D
10/13/2015 c1 35findmeontumblr
Oh Neo if only that last line were true...

Back to my KaiFemShin fanart~
10/13/2015 c1 Assasin8
Aw, that was sweet! A dancing AU is an interesting idea! Sure the ending felt rushed, but I still like how it ended. Great job and thanks for posting!
10/12/2015 c1 Guest
That was good. I don't want to disappoint you but this one is not as good as the others. I like the general just not the writing style.
Kaito is any girls dream! Can I marry him?! Ans yes Shinichi is soo cute when she gets angry!
I missed those one shots too!

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