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for To Demand the Finer Things in Life

9/18/2016 c1 53Artdirector123
Oh my god, this fic is amazing! I abosolutely love this short story. I really like the idea of Maes Hughes as greed. It really makes sense, and you handled his combined character of homunculus and Maes really well. He's maes but he isn't and I think thats really good. Also, I really loved Roy in this. His emotions were just so well written and I could hear every word in his voice. The one thing I really wish you had explored on though was Riza's reaction to the creation of the homunculus. Did she shun him? Or did he create the rift completely on his own? Btw, I also really liked the reunion with Gracia and Elicia. That was just golden and heartwarming! Anyways, I hope you continue to write, because you are amazing at it. Have a nice day!
9/1/2016 c1 Guest
This was beautiful! I loved it to bits and pieces! With obvious it didn't fallow the story but it did to the most it could for it to happen! It was thought out and stunning! I really did love this concept and actually have been thinking of something similar with Maes. I'm very thankful that I could finally find something this outstanding with the idea I was looking for!
5/8/2016 c1 14GoldenGriffiness
I know. Hughes is such a oportunity everyone misses for some reason... I had to google Maes back from the dead to find anything worthwhile.

This was wonderful and I loved it.
3/21/2016 c1 allinoisimnotawe
This story is a lot more than great.
3/19/2016 c1 cats-offdensen
3/18/2016 c1 moomoomustangs
yes yes yes
3/16/2016 c1 fullnutellaalche
my husbands are fused
i’m dying
My gay sense is tingling
3/16/2016 c1 anonguy11
3/15/2016 c1 jacckkamander
greedmaes yes
3/13/2016 c1 rockingthegravey
told myself:
alright I’m going to read this
but I’m not going to be happy about it
i’m going to cry about it
starts to weep before even opening the page
3/12/2016 c1 fuck-yeahmaeshug
read this, it’s great! Love it
3/11/2016 c1 96kyirah
why do this
12/12/2015 c1 82waddiwasiwitch
Good Job - I enjoyed this.
12/12/2015 c1 Spruce Goose
it's rlly good and imma make it part of my 03 verse tho i will also be doing a thing where Hughes is the one greed ends up posessing in brotherhood c:
10/16/2015 c1 wretchedrabbit
oh... well this makes things even better in like the weirdest way. hm. I need more greed!hughes. I demand it. second traumatic death...? please. please hurt me.
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