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4/25/2016 c12 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter.
4/25/2016 c12 Stratos263
Stupid root that was pathetic
4/6/2016 c4 5Mr.WhiteGuy
So far I think it's really good. The only thing I would fix is Naruto's outfit I think adding a bit more Lin Kuei armor like Sub-Zero from MK3 or MK Deception would work, instead of just a shirt and trench coat with the only Lin Kuei armor being the mask. But that's just me.
4/6/2016 c1 4Sl4p
Why is Naruto laughing when his blood freezes? Of course, you wrote he screamed, but AHAHAHAHA is still pretty sure laughing not screaming...
3/31/2016 c11 Guest
When will you update this fanfic
4/1/2016 c2 Aurora - Kitsune Lord Of Fire
Good-Bye is one word with two syllables you dumbass.
3/29/2016 c2 ThatOneOtherGuy
Look, I commend the author for making it this far into a story. They are clearly inexperienced, which any experienced reader would realize rather quickly.

I stopped reading once [SPOILERS] Kushina slapped Mito over behaving relatively normally for their timeline. [NO MORE SPOILERS]

You broke the continuity there by having Ludhiana act out of character. I bared the earlier stuff because, why the hell not? People can change, improve even. Just the fact that they ripped that scene out of at least three other Naruto fan fictions shows how underdeveloped and half assed this is. They didn't even change stuff around, literally the universe was changed, but the scene was the same.

The story's following is not of experienced readers who will offer helpful and worthy advice. They are a bunch of die hard fans looking for fan service. Until this story gets grammatical corrections and the author smooths out the linear plot, I'm saying this isn't worth reading.

People behave irradically, immersion and continuity are worthless here because advancing the plot was put first over good story telling, grammar is bad. There is worse, but that's no excuse.

Even if English isn't your fist language, there are people on the site translators on the web to help.

Goodbye, I'll probably never come back here again. Points for breaking out of the norm for this category, even if you had to rip off other people'sstory to get it.

Rating: 4.7*/10*
3/27/2016 c11 Cf96
3/27/2016 c10 kage88
great i love it
3/25/2016 c11 Gemini-Spark
too bad mei seems to like him
3/20/2016 c11 Guest
I agree with bigfan22
3/17/2016 c11 10Crystal Grenadier
i enjoyed reading this. I hope you continue it and update soon.
3/13/2016 c11 7bigfan22
Ahhhhh...what happened to not having too many girls in the harem. It's going to hard for you to develop relationships between Naruto and all these girls. You would have been better off limiting him to four in the pairing. Still...it's your story. I def like the subzero Naruto, and I can't wait to see what happens when everyone realizes who he really is. Hopefully Orochi still attacks and Minato takes a beating during the invasion. Enough so that he doesn't die, but is too injured to remain Hokage. Hopefully then he will realize how screwed up his life is, and how there isn't any chance for redemption...at least not for him.

Personally I would love to have seen a small harem of Anko, Kurotsuchi, Samui and Mikoto.

Good job so far, and I look forward to the next update. Hope it's soon.
3/12/2016 c11 1kat1017
please add Konan, Female Haku, Yugito, Mei, Kurenia, Fuu, and Shion to the harem with the possibility of also adding Yugao Uzuki and Hana Inuzuka to the harem.
3/12/2016 c10 kat1017
add all 4 possible members as well as Yugito to Naruto's harem.
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