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1/7/2016 c6 1KorianneAnders
nooo dont stop nowww!xD haha That was awesome and so exciting! gah! I wanna read more I love this fic! and u portray Annie perfectly, the way she reacted to Alice words and the denial its just how I would have reacted! thx for accepting her again by the way
1/7/2016 c6 KorianneAnders
nooo dont stop now! xD hehe please update soon! that was awesome! and the way annie reacted is the way I would have reacted as well! she is perfect oh I love this fic!
1/7/2016 c6 Another Generic Gamer
Dayum, this chapter was a doozy. Let me get the criticism out of the way first. There were a few grammatical errors, specifically a few cases of missing puntuation, and a few cases of they're, there, and their being mixed up. For the rest, it's very solid, so keep that up.

I found this chapter to be very interesting, mainly because 1) all (or at least most) of the siblings got to fight together for the first time and 2) the Scarlett's gradual meltdown throughout the chapter. It seemed that at every part of the chapter she went "Oh crap!" As she realizes every second that she's bitten off much more than she can chew.

World building was good, but one question remains: who is the last king? Have we seen him before?

The siblings are just like power rangers at this point, with Alice basically being their equivalent to Zordon.
Go, Go, Elementum Rangers!

James! Elementum Red!
Avery! Elementum Blue!
Nero! Elementum Yellow!
Colt! Elementum Purple!
Blake! Elementum Black!
Crystal! Elementum White!
Annie! Elementum Green!

They are:

And finally, as a sort of question, were the four roses based on RWBY or is that just a coincidence?
1/5/2016 c6 77QUEENSPELLER67
The Hellion witch sounds like a rumor.
1/4/2016 c6 5Imagination Heaven
An update! Hooray! I'm happy that it's a long one haha, quality comes first, so you don't need to rush chapters. This chapter was very interesting, I can't wait to find out what happened to Scarlett, and what is going to happen to all the characters. Keep up the good work, and i hope for an update soon xD (even though i said don't rush chapters, i really like the story)
1/4/2016 c6 Aurorawolf668
Woah! This was a rollercoaster ride! Like seriously, I doubt you know how much I love you right now, I knew you must have had something very special up your sleeve and you most certainly did not disappoint! Keep up the good work, you're portraying Crystal perfectly, and I can't wait to see the next chapter!
1/4/2016 c6 1LillyShepard
Oh wow! I loved the fight scene in this, usually i just skim over those but i was pretty into this one so good job. And all fhe family are together and i'm so excited to read what happens next.
12/17/2015 c5 1Herrsch
Sorry for not posting in a while. Turns out my predictions were correct heh. But that aside, we finally get to see why Hellion and Wonderland are at odds and how the students can be. There was a very "electrifying" fight with "shocking" results...okay I'll stop, but I see Tobias and Nero getting along or becoming rivals. Now I just have two questions: will Scarlett be able to be dissuaded from her grudge, and how influential are the Four Kings in the school? I can only imagine what chaos will be conjured up. Keep it up
12/2/2015 c5 77QUEENSPELLER67
Is Axel from Kingdom Hearts?
12/2/2015 c4 QUEENSPELLER67
Blake's got fangirls. Funny.
12/2/2015 c3 QUEENSPELLER67
Did Alice just knock a dude out?
12/2/2015 c5 1KorianneAnders
awesome chapter! so many things happening right now! I cant wait to know what happens next and when will the siblings know the truth! please update soon! :3
12/1/2015 c2 77QUEENSPELLER67
Interesting chapter.
12/1/2015 c5 14nicranger
And the plot thickens. Alice is now a woman on a mission. With someone going after Hellion students won't be long before some poor shmuck goes after Alex. And what will happen when Alex and Blake meet up again? I predict a lot of conflict in the future. Keep up the good work.
12/1/2015 c5 5Imagination Heaven
Love this chapter so much ahahaha. Hope for an update soon and keep up the good work :). *Hopes for a few more updates before the year ends*
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