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5/1/2019 c5 MoonlightWolf.SunshineFox
that short flashback of ciel and sebastian's adventure about ordering sebastian to run through the sea back to France had me dying of laugher tbh(i swear i think that's what undertaker always feel) XD

I mean, am I the only 1 who got an image of sebastian 'running' through the sea as fast as jet ski?:'P

oh and I think sebastian is a bit too proud with his mentoring and 'parenting' skills for ciel, cuz whenever Dahlia is gossiping about his young master, sebastian always appears from nowhere with that dark aura:v
5/23/2018 c5 1HoloObssession
I am curious on how this story will continue.
Best Wishes
8/2/2016 c5 bleachcreep21
Honestly, I was a bit concerned when you said you were going to add an OC into this story, but you did it wonderfully. I love how you handle the characters in this world, and I hope you'll choose to come back to it some day. I'd like to see their story told through your eyes, and read the adventures they have along the way. Please do come back!
6/29/2016 c2 Roturier
I think that's what we have in common, KT, that drive to 'get it (the details) right'. Not so much in the spelling,'grammar-ing' and writing dept. (I *wish,*), since they're not really my talent, but rather in the historical and scientific details dept. as we both discovered when you started to write this story and gave a shout-out for some details. I believe that is why we are at least somewhat compatible on the story front: we care passionately about the same things.

Your story here is good enough and I enjoyed it enough to read it (many) more times than once. So here I am, back again to read it one more time. I truly enjoyed watching it take shape.
1/6/2016 c5 1dystonia
I rather like Dahlia, but I hope she doesn't start acting as a mother-figure for 'that poor boy'. Because the Earl Phantomhive we all know would definitely not stand for that!

Also, maybe it's just because I've read the three latest chapters of this fic all at once, but something just jumped out at me. After putting together what Dahlia said in this chapter with what Ciel was remembering aloud back in chapter 3, I have to ask: During the House of Flowers case, Did Ciel actually panic and Kill Two Whores, just for getting too handsy with him?
1/5/2016 c5 Meggan B
Always fun to see Nina Hopkins appear in a story and butt heads with our favorite butler!
But the rest of the chapter wasn't nearly as funny, or at all fluffy; I wasn't expecting such a serious turn.
Annnd after Dahlia's little talk, I think I won't be making strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight after all.
12/31/2015 c5 promocat
loved that last line!
12/31/2015 c5 36Aservis Roturier
(choking) Damned demon thinks he's funny, dunnee?

12/31/2015 c5 Carley-Carley-Carley
Oh that was brilliant. Such a great chapter with a lot of inspiration. I've obviously never been in that type of situation but I still think it was helpful and believable. I hope you update soon,
12/31/2015 c5 91-Phoenix-Feather-1
Very Well written! Also if you take Character ideas, please just Pm me:)
11/7/2015 c4 1-Phoenix-Feather-1
Wow! this was a great chapter! Very well written, I haven't actually gotten the chance to read the manga myself because of eyesight reasons, but I can see how all this would fit in and I hope that you'll continue the story as soon as you can.
Please update soon!
A big fan...

P.S: Maybe hopefully you can go take a look at the Black Butler story that I have posted.
11/7/2015 c4 Meggan B
Pythons cleaning the baseboards. Only at Phantomhive Manor would this seem perfectly reasonable. Also, nice job on explaining away the latest curve ball that Yana Toboso has thrown us regarding Ciel's ancestry; I had wondered how Ciel and his father would have the surname of Phantomhive if that had been Claudia Phantomhive's maiden name.
11/7/2015 c3 Meggan B
I want to hear more about the Adventures of the Rowdy Earl! :-)
11/6/2015 c4 Shadow Lily Potter
Can't say that I'm fond of the inbreeding myself. One generation is fine, love is love after all, but for the intent to keep the bloodline "pure" and to keep the wealth within the family, risking the health of the descendants is simply not right.
I'm glad you explained the genealogy–it makes things much easier to wrap around in my head.
I would say that a more definite plot would be nice because right now it seems largely filler (much like the anime version of the first few episodes of black butler, both seasons).
11/6/2015 c4 Carley-Carley-Carley
thanks for the explanation, it got a little confusing. Nothing at fault to report in the chapter, cant wait to see the next one
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