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6/3/2019 c8 marshmellowmarsh
I love your story keep going it’s really great
5/9/2018 c4 necropi314
I like the story. Some PS4 advice sit it on a laptop fan with and plug it in the rear USB port.
3/8/2018 c8 Elizabeth Bathog
Thank you for writing this! It was fun to read! :)
6/13/2017 c8 mayfire21
Is this story going to be on permanent hiatus?
6/7/2017 c8 11Kimera20
this was fantastic! i love it!
5/28/2017 c7 26917brat
I really love this stroy and how you have everything going in it, at the same time I am so curious as to what you are going to have happen next so I hope that you update it again soon.
2/6/2017 c7 3BBCDP2
oh my gosh this is good! I cant wait till your next update. I want Danny to understand it is okay to open up and relieve some of his stress. Por Danny and the Justice league for not knowing :/ anyway, I like your writing style and i hope you update soon.
7/13/2016 c3 20little miss BANANNA HEAD
hello! Um, I was thinking...

There's this new fanfiction site that I recently noticed teenage students could use at schools (you know, read, write, and post), and is one of the few usable sites in schools (the pain is so real). The thing is, it's a very new site, and as such, students like me and a few of my friends have to suffer the pain of reading 200 word "one shots" (more like poorly written drabbles, but it's SOMETHING!).

My group (Youtube channel, Circus Troupe) is planning on releasing a video detailing all the details. I really like your work, and was wondering if you could post some of your older stuff on to the site? *puppy eyes*

The video will be out soon giving out the details, but if you want to be part of our noble cause for all fanfiction readers still in school, please send me an email!

my email: annatebanana hotmail . com

luvin the fic! , lmBH
7/7/2016 c2 little miss BANANNA HEAD
your foreboding need slight tweaking, but overall, this really is one of the best fanfics I've ever read.
7/7/2016 c1 little miss BANANNA HEAD
I legit went through the background, and i had to re-read the part where YOU KILLED DANI! SHE'S AMAZING! WHYYYYY? ;-;

but tbh, this is one of the best written stories I've ever read, so yeah. I'll sacrifice my fave character if I get to read an amazing story. (so far, it's been amazing, and it's only chapter 1. I'm excited for whatever you have up your devious sleeve XD)
7/5/2016 c7 11socialgirl378
Yay, you finally updated! And it looks like Chris has finally left this dimension. Her story is now done. So, what's Danny gonna do now? Will he join the Team? Well, I hope to see what happens soon.
3/25/2016 c6 socialgirl378
I gotta say, I like where this story is going. Your OC's not bad, even she won't be in the story for long. I'm not sure if you made up the Ancients or not. They sound familar to me. Anyway, I can't wait to see the big change in the story, and hope you did well in your finals!

;)~ SG378
3/25/2016 c3 percab8531
Woah woah woah. Ok I know that Jason is knocked out for most of the books but that is no reason to hate him! Sheesh! ;)
3/7/2016 c1 Krusher
Hmmm I don't think the DC universe actually has a New York City. They always have alternate names like Metropolis, Gotham, Jump City, Steel City, and Central City.
3/7/2016 c6 Totes awesome
very much enjoyed it.
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