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4/21 c20 averie.jaymes
Please continue this!
1/4 c2 Guest
its realy good so far. quick note, edward and emmit were calling bella by her name before she told them
8/14/2023 c20 3Diana9922
It's well written, I really like this story even with the traumatic sides.

I love the Bella couple with Rosalie, it's one of my favorite pairings.
Edwin bitch and the three nomads from the start are definitely used to fuck the shit up.
I wonder if the Denali's gonna come sometime.
I really hope that Bella ends up having enough confidence in Rosalie, that she is the only one to whom she can let love live but especially coupling.
Especially since Bella and Rosalie deserve to be happy because of their common traumas and Rosalie finally realizes her dream of having children and what happiness she is with her companion.

When next?
2/7/2023 c20 Jodi
5 years w/o an update? I hope you’re not dead. Please keep up the great work.
11/7/2022 c20 andak
Omg left hanging. Excellent story im hooked.
8/19/2022 c20 silver-2-roxy
are you going to finish this story?
6/30/2022 c20 ad1236
When will you update this story?
5/17/2022 c20 Guest
“I promise I'm not just gonna disappear again for 3 years without telling y'all something.”

lol, lmao
4/1/2022 c20 HerAndroCissaTrixForever2019
3/13/2022 c20 jackyfloresq2001
can't wait for the next chapter
2/17/2022 c20 Anonymous
update I need to know what happens!
10/27/2021 c20 Spider744cra
Update please I need a update
10/2/2021 c20 Zoey McCully
I love this
9/22/2021 c20 swtid77
NOOOOO! I need more, please.
9/22/2021 c18 swtid77
That is a crazy idea that Emmett and the family came up with. But hopefully it works. I think they should of used the imprint for an alliance.
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