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for A Diner And What It Contains

2/25/2016 c1 6Mr. CyborgPineappleIsland II
Hmm this was a pretty interesting story, though I feel the ending was a bit OOC, both girls are known for either not sharing things, or not sharing things that makes them look "weak"-especially to each other.

That aside, I think this was a nice little story. It had it's good moments and the grammar was pretty good! Nice story overall, imo.
2/25/2016 c1 16Knifez
This was nice. Super simple yet oddly heartwarming. I think the detail was a tad excessive, such as the whole already crushed soda can thing, but it wasn't all that distracting.

My only real complaint/critique is that Heather was a little too rude to Courtney. Had she been acting in a similar manner to all her customers, which I can't see why she would act differently to Courtney, I doubt she would've held a job too long.

Other than that it was a fun read, good job!
2/25/2016 c1 14The Sarcasm Master
Not bad! While Courtney has never been one of my favorites, Heather is pretty up there and it was nice to see old...acquaintances meet later on, even if their time together hadn't been spent well. With Courtney's mom being described it's unsurprising why she turned out the way she did. My one complaint is pretty simple: it's too short. A longer conversation between Heather and Courtney would have been really nice. Other than that, good work!
2/24/2016 c1 4Gideoncrawle
I’m not sure why a diner would pay an entry-level drudge (which Heather presumably is) better than various mall-based retailers. Neither the retail nor casual dining industries are known for generous compensation, but that’s as may be. I suspect the real reason why Heather prefers working at the diner is because she expects fewer people she knows to see her there, apart from her coffee klatsch friends, who could be presumably be counted on to understand or even envy her. After all, the queen of the school scene has appearances to maintain. It also stands to reason that the work might not be as strenuous on the whole, with most of the traffic coming in distinct waves around the traditional mealtimes. Perhaps experience in a low-level service job will teach Heather a little humility, although her attitude toward the customers suggests that might be too much to ask.

I’m guessing Heather and Courtney are about to begin their senior years, otherwise it would be too late for college touring. I’m not quite sure TDWT fits in this chronology, although the canonical chronology for Seasons 3-4 is pretty nebulous. We know only that roughly one year elapsed between the end of TDWT and the start of TDAS. (Alejandro mentioned having been in the robot suit for a year.) Frankly, I think the canonical timeline only works because the creators have stated that the characters don’t age, which is code for “don’t try to make sense of all this.”

Speaking of college touring, Courtney could be much more efficient with her time by doing most of her research online and only touring the colleges on her short list. Taking so many tours that they run together in her mind would seem to defeat the purpose, which suggests that she isn’t touring to help her decide. It seems likely that she’s doing so many tours either as an excuse to get away from her parents for an extended period or because she simply enjoys the tours for their own sake.

Concerning the décor of Joey’s Cheap Eats, ‘50s kitsch seems to be more common in diners than in other restaurant types for whatever reason.

Heather kind of put her foot in it with her rant against the customers. One can well imagine that her boss chewed her out for it, and something tells me she didn’t get as good a tip haul as usual from the customers who were present for her outburst (if tipping is even customary in Canada—I’m not sure whether it is). Moreover, the thought occurs that she might be bringing the rudeness on herself. Her initial attitude toward Courtney doesn’t paint Heather as a paragon of politeness, and most people do tend to return in kind the treatment they receive from others.

Heather/Courtney was a good choice for a reasonably pleasant “blast from the past” interlude, since canonically they got along fairly well insofar as Heather got along with much of anyone. You may recall that I saw fit to retain that dynamic in my own TDI remake. One of my short stories, you may also recall, likewise had a chance meeting of a local with an ex-campmate passing through on the way to college, so you may reasonably surmise that I like the premise of your story. More importantly, you executed well on that premise, with both girls in character and natural-sounding dialogue.

Reviewed for the Read and Swap
2/24/2016 c1 18ChrisMcLean-Cody-Duncan-TD
I loved this! I kind of expected Heather to be a bit more snappy, but then again, I think I much prefered the way you portrayed her. She was exasperated and annoyed, and Courtney was well in character. It was nice you went into detail on the pie - although it kinda made me feel hungry? But it was really great for a one-shot.

One thing confused me though. To be honest, I don't really see someone naming their diner Joey's Cheap Eats. It kind of makes their diner sound, well, like...cheap? I know that can come of as a good thing sometimes, but still, it was kind of weird.

But that's really the only problem I found with the one-shot. It was on fleek, it was perfectly written and the situation and plot was well planned out. I'd like to see you write more one-shots like this, and I think you picked a good pairing to do it with.

2/19/2016 c1 9melodicBooknerd13
So I read this like last week, but I didn't leave a review because I was about to go to school, so here I am.
Heather's working at a diner. Heather's personality is not the greatest for a waitress. Seriously, she'd probably have to pay the customers.
Courtney. College tours so often that they probably all blend together when she thinks about them.
They're finally seeing each other again, and they don't know it's each other at first. Geez, their hair and attitudes should give it off. I mean, they're both smart.
They finally figure it out, and now have a new friend to talk to. That's nice.
I liked this story, and I usually hate Heather stories.
That's all for now. Bye!
2/12/2016 c1 25Quiet Waters
Who would've thought that? A working Heather? At some diner?

It was nice to read about Heather complaining about the visitors' attitudes. Not just because she's right, but also because, as a supermarket stocker, know how bothersome it can be to have rude customers!

S D? I'm almost tempted to say that means Scott and Dawn but I'm not terribly sure. Am I right thought? :]

Although I find it a little hard to believe that there was absolutely no hostility between Heather and Courtney at all, but it was nice to see them interact because they are somewhat alike after all!

Maddie, this was a nice little read!

2/3/2016 c1 46GreenPokeGuy
This was a nice one-shot! Seeing Heather and Courtney actually getting along is pretty fun, since they're usually at each other's throats in the competition.

Heather was forced to get a job because she relied too much on her parents, huh? That sounds like a good thing for them to do, since Heather will have to work in the future anyway. Might as well get the experience she needs sooner rather than later.

Of course Courtney would be looking at colleges, but it's interesting that she wanted to do it on her own without her parents' influence. She still appreciates them, and that's cool.

Overall, this was a good one-shot! They were in-character and you gave them purpose, and it was a nice meet up! :)

1/30/2016 c1 31JShark419
Reading this for the Read and Swap. This was pure awesomeness. I really like how you wrote both Heather and Courtney. The two's interactions, were superb. I admire Courtney, she isn't letting her TD time effect her. Her future is definitely very bright. And poor Heather, at least she has her own spending change. I'm glad she met up with Courtney. This was one of my reads. Keep up the awesome work.
11/23/2015 c1 213I'll Cover Angel and Collins
This was really good and very deep. I really liked this a lot Maddie and you managed to get my two favorite Total Drama girls and their personalities perfect in this story. Courtney's Mom seem like a bitch as well. At least when she's in college she can get away from this. Have you thought of doing one with Courtney at College? I'd read that. Good Job!
10/17/2015 c1 13fivbifvifggrfg
This was really good, asswipe! No, but seriously it was! I love the friendship between Heather and Courtney! As for the AN, I thought Duct Tape was great! But, I do agree this one is better. Great job, Maddie/Asswipe!

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