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for Nature's Child in the Sinnoh Region

6/10/2017 c2 11Insomniac Demon
I really love your story, it flows together so nicely. It keeps me interested and I really hope you'll continue. I can completely understand starting up other stories when you hit writer's block- kinda made like eight different stories. Your story was surprisingly different from all the other Pokemon stories I've read. I hope you'll take your time writing this. It doesn't matter about a leave of absence (I'm way too guilty about updating stories super late)

As for your questions I preferably like Gardenia or Candice. Turtwig's ability could be Shell Armor while the fourth move could be curse.

I really hope you'll take your time and continue this. I really love your writing and kind of inspired me to try and take a crack at writing a Pokemon story. You're now one of my favorite author's XD

Hope you have a great day/night~
4/14/2016 c2 john cena

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