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14h c30 elly
oh. my. god.
this was just... amazing.
I am at a loss of words.
Actually I never do reviews but this master piece fucking deserves it!
The plot was so amazing that I wasn't able to stop reading once I came home... and while I was in school my thoughts just circled around what is going to happen next in this story.
I could relate so much to all the characters, especially Kakashi obviously.
I am kinda sad it ended, though.
I am so thankful that I could read this master piece!
Thank you so, so much!
6/16 c30 Vansmoke
i hope you won't pull dumbledore's stupid "for the greater good" on kakashi, and it's work. kakashi above all is a loyal to konoha, and his mission ends in end of term which is in few days/week top, so he won't have any reason to stay whatever wizards' says without hokage's order.

and naruto survival still mystery to me, i mean, do kakashi know? if yeah, it's been 2 years, close to 3 since kyuubi's attack and he hasn't mentioned him even once (naruto).

contact between ninja and wizard still lacked for me, maybe only summoner contract and fawkes which can travel magically is the tool for such contact. and a valued assets for konoha, hopefully sarutobi would take a hard stance when he received the mission report for him and get more detailed and not just order his ninja to follow client's order blindly even if he and dumbledore are friends, they are different kind of human after all, he should value his own kind more.

i just feels it kind of waste when you make it possible for ninja and wizard to be able to crossover but your still limiting it. maybe this coming war they could build more active crossover, trade and missions for example. and possibly when wizarding world side is over, then continue on naruto's timeline. maybe with kakashi taking a plus one to return to konoha as a bride, he never marry in canon you know. but too bad i don't see any spark of romance here, just few bits of curiosity and conflicts with hermione and rinri (i don't support oc here when you can develop your canon characters).
6/14 c30 18DemonKittyAngel
The one scene I am desperate to see is Gai, Asuna, and Kurenai talking to the new, almost emotionally accessable Kakashi, and just not knowing what to do.

"Did he just agree to hang out with us?"
"Is it an imposter?"
"Yosh! My Eternal Rival has increased his team bonding skills! I shall have to improve my own!"
6/12 c30 40Tsukimine12
Neville and Kakashi friendship is epic and wholesome and I have no idea how am I going to survive without it :)

And the golden trio, once they are at war, they're going to finally understand Kakashi a little bit.
What I love the most of this fic is that kakashi didn't became awesome friends with Harry and the rest, but with those secondary characters that most people tend to ignore. It gave it...a really great touch, you know?
Loved it!
6/11 c27 Ch10m4
After Kakashi and Neville's talk, the next part, you wrote 'his other ninken were "scrawled" on various other parts of him and Bull'.
It's "sprawled" tho.
Their friendship to me is one of the best factors of this fic, the quiet warmth is nice
6/10 c30 5ShadeFireDragon
It’s sad how the story’s almost at its end, but I’m glad I got to read it from the beginning. It’s been amazing so far!
6/8 c30 Guest
Straight up want Dumbledore to suffer for the shit he put Kakashi through and have the Elemental Nations want nothing to do with Dumbledore or the Magical Society in a whole. Only trusting Dean, Seamus and Neville bc Kakashi knows them possibly having them meet Kakashi and Team 7 after the war or when Kakashi's Rokudaime
6/7 c30 20Emrys myrdin
Avant dernier chapitre ?!
Cela me rends extrêmement triste, je ne suis pas prête à dire au revoir à cette histoire j’ai envie d’une suite, d’une deuxième partie.
J’ai envie de voir Harry, Neville et toute la bande a Konoha, j’ai envie qu’ils rencontrent team seven, les 11 de Konoha. J’ai envie que cette histoire continue à tous jamais.
Penultimate chapter ?!
It makes me extremely sad, I'm not ready to say goodbye to this story I want a sequel, a second part.
I want to see Harry, Neville and the whole gang in Konoha, I want them to meet team seven, 11 of Konoha. I want this story to continue forever.
6/5 c1 LiterallyNoOneCares
Ohhhh, I've always thought what old Kakashi would do if Neville and the others was sent/visited Konoha and meet his students and Guy.
6/5 c30 gacha.watermelon.396
I have a question, is Kakashi going to be ther for 8th year? I hope so and I love Sri’s book a lot ️
6/5 c30 3Gheloured
Thanks for the excellent chapter. I find your story more realistic than a lot of the other crossovers out there with how the characters would act, and I think you've done a great job with not making any one character idealized
6/5 c30 Aminata
Great story ! I would love for the wizards to meet Gai or to see Hokage Kakashi or Team 7 (as genin or after the war so Sasuke is here preferably) I think their reaction would be great ! And are they ever going to know a bit more about Kakashi ? Bc I really want them to feel guilty about how they talked to Kakashi and what they disrespected Minato's memory.
6/4 c30 25WildNoa13474
HELL YES! This is such a great semi-final chapter. Neville is gonna figure out instant messaging. The wizards will be blacklisted from requests. I had the same what-the-fuck expression that Kakashi undoubtedly had at 'do not kill Voldemort'. But everything seems like it's going to be okay
6/3 c30 ichbinnureinnutzer
I don't have any specific ideas but wholesome Neville content is always enjoyable to read.
Maybe Harry and Ron could also finally realize that they didn't treat Kakashi right and that their complaints about him hanging around them were immature. Like he was absolutely ready to even give his life for Harry and all that little beach does is whine about the extra person tagging along!
I know there isn't any Ron, Harry or Hermione bashing but I still want them to suffer at least a teeny tiny bit because they've been major brats.
6/3 c30 7itachisdbzgurl
I high key want Kakashi to kill Rinri before they leave hogwarts
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