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1/17/2020 c3 1klockedin
Truly the cutest chapter full of banter I've ever read. This could have gone on indefinitely. Love this story... ;)
11/8/2017 c9 Guest
10/7/2017 c5 Guest
Nice nice
8/18/2017 c7 86Violet Rose of Darkness
Oh man, that Diana remark stung ME and I was only reading it. Why, Bruce? You could've had it all
2/28/2017 c3 1Telinh
Had me laughing! Great job
2/29/2016 c15 review lord
Awww they are so adorable, great story i'll be sure to check out your other works and this story is definitely going in my favorites
2/29/2016 c14 review lord
Rofl they have awesome friends, this story/chap probably would have been more fun with a lemon section but it works fine without it just fine, amazing job with the story
2/29/2016 c13 review lord
...and this chap reiterates a saying I've known for a long time...women are scary...
2/28/2016 c12 review lord
Awwwwww good for them and also finally being able to release a couple years of pent up hormones, but now whats gonna happen now...?
2/28/2016 c11 review lord
Oooof that fluff missile was powerful, this chap was adorable
2/28/2016 c10 review lord
And that is why you don't screw with anyone in the bat family
2/28/2016 c9 review lord
Well at least it only ended in her being drugged it could've worse, and good thing he was only knocked out cause it again could've been worse, awesome job so far
2/28/2016 c8 review lord
Well ket's screwed, two bats are watching him now, i just hope he doesn't try anything too stupid to max
2/28/2016 c7 review lord
Well that went better than expected, nice setup, and max better hurry up and reject ket before something drastic happens
2/28/2016 c6 review lord
Well its time for the serious talks, max got hers and now time for terry's talk next, not bad keep up the good work
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