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for Emerald and Gold Fixer

11/20/2021 c3 HappyxZoro
Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas plus
6/18/2021 c3 mallarieTwinkies
amazing story, I love you're writing style so cool
4/27/2021 c3 8Snickering Fox
...damn. Oh the spicy is really delicious
im waiting Harry's retaliation tho, what will he do now? Hmmm
11/20/2019 c3 Guest
9/15/2019 c3 kat1316
Any updates coming our way?
12/15/2018 c3 belladu57
Very good
12/12/2018 c3 Guest
I only want this to be Asami/Harry and no Akihito in the story. It is already a great fanfic without Akihito.
11/21/2018 c3 1dragonnia
c'est une tres bonne histoire svp mettre a jour
4/11/2018 c3 Lovelycrazy
*sigh* just reread the story. please update
11/11/2017 c3 13crystalpotter-weasley
You realize that this was rape correct?
10/17/2017 c3 Aurora Lopez
when are you going to write chapters 4-8 of Emerald and Gold Fixer, because I like this story very much please bye. write me back!
9/22/2017 c3 25tkawaiii2013
6/21/2017 c3 cleocleo
i like it... please continue...
4/1/2017 c3 Arwen
Oh shit! That was the hottest thing i read in my life!
3/14/2017 c3 1DJinTheHOUse
I really liked it! So are you going to add akihito in the story at all? Despite how i adore Harry in this, Akihito will always hold a place in my heart, i don't know what makes Finder series my favorite anime, but i adore it.
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