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for The Capitol Games II (summarized!)

2/21 c11 emmawave1
Please keep continue to update author! Do you have any social media or fan page i can follow? As I have work offer for you! :)
1/19/2021 c11 10ladyqueerfoot
this was the poggiest summary that i have ever seen though i have some questions... kula and cavenaugh's relationship... what the fuck happened? i just don't get it. additionally, panthons never gave me gay vibes and anthony.. really? also it was a bit OOC of jason and vinyl to be so protective of brysen, and jason's sprained ankle seemed like a plot device. additionally, magenta didn't do shit and david had such a good arc yet died. also it seemed like u forgot ryder existed... idk man 5/10

can't wait for the d&d summary!
1/14/2021 c11 3Ripple237
Never in a million years did I expect I would ever see an update for this story. wow. Tbh, this story being discontinued when you left was one of the saddest things for me. I loved this story and I loved you and I loved your writing. And then you left and I was just...really sad. Nevertheless, I have always remembered this story from back in the day and subbing to it is one of my fondest memories.

My old tributes were pretty fucking awful, but I think the two I subbed to this story were some of my best (which is saying something since they weren't that great either). This was such a nice surprise that came out of nowhere and I'm happy to see this story once again. I feel privileged to be a part of this story since it was so long ago and is physical proof of how long I've known you. Not many of the submitters to this story are around anymore, so I'm happy to be one of the few that is still here and still incredibly grateful to be your friend.

Ok onto the actual summary. The only tributes I remember off the top of my head are mine and Antigone so...I appreciate the brief section about the kids that were never introed. That is very sexy. Hmmm it seems like a lot of these tributes fit the poor bill. That's kinda boring since a Capitol games is the chance to go all out and make crazy rich ridiculous people not just kids who could be in the Districts. I think Vinyl seems the most interesting out of the un-introed kids.

Training: ooooo that all girls alliance is powerful af. That would have been crazy to actually read had this story been completed. Magenta and Antigone in the same alliance is so fucking sexy. I appreciate the effort taken to include this training section. A lot of summaries (including my own) didn't do that so it was really cool to see a brief peek into what would have been Pre-Games

The Games: NOT ANTIGONE DYING 23rD. That's so sad holy shit. That would have been such a fucking shocking upset during the Bloodbath. We all would have been going crazy. Magenta using her as a meatshield lmaoo. My tributes like the meatshield tactic it seems. YOOO Pathons got a kill? Nice accuracy due. Protect your mans! We love to see gay people succeeding. Still homophobic though. And then Vinyl died too? Damn only people I like now are my own tributes lmaoo. OH WOW AURORA KILLED THE GAYS! That is a hate crime mam. Shame on you. Well rip Pathons, it seemed like he finally found someone to help more out of the closet (although he was a drag queen so Idk what the fuck I was thinking when I made him) but nevertheless, rip. Can't wait to finally add you to my placement list! YOooo Kuna and Cav's arc is kinda wild. they went from fighting and hating each other to killing to impress each other. That's wild af and would have made for a compelling storyline. AND THEN THEY FIGHT EACH OTHER AND THEN MAKE OUT. Bro..this would have been the moment. wow. Ok Magenta getting a kill, I see you pink hair girl. And then Kuna and Cav fight again, this time with one of them dying fr. Wow. That was a rollercoaster of a relationship and would have been fucking cracked out to read in prose form. And is finale time. Kuna, Magenta, and David (idk who David is lmaooo). BROOOOO. MAGENTA FUCKING WON? WHAT THE FUCK. HOW. I'm-...what the fuck. I don't even know what to say. After all girl won? I seriously loved her sm and she was one of my absolute fav tributes that I made back in the day, probably Top 2, and I really wanted her to win this story and then more than 5 years later I somehow got my wish? I soft. Thank you so much for this. I really didn't need another Victor but I will never be opposed to getting one so I'm just...thank you. This means a lot.

I know that this little summary doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is to me. I really appreciate the closure after all this time and I love you so much as a friend, and I am shocked that this was the way the Capitol Games were going to end. It seemed like it would have been a crazy story and I'm sure it would have really great had you gotten to actually write it. Thank you again. I guess this is Ripple237 (2021 Edition) signing off.
1/14/2021 c11 28Firedawn'd
a fine piece of literary art. shame I didn’t win but it’s okay. gj to magenta! we luv them.
5/1/2016 c10 5Anslvy
Holy shit, this was different o.o Still loved it, though XD Great chapter! I'm sorry, I suck at legit reviews now :/
4/17/2016 c10 3Ripple237
4/17/2016 c10 45Red Castellan
These two are weird. Lino was okay but not my favourite. However, Calicia (can't remember her spelling, sorry) she is such a sweetheart that... I can't express it. But I think she's a bloodbath. Lino, I can see making a little further but not too much actually. Good chapter and I am waiting for more! :)
4/15/2016 c10 15domgk115
HAHAHA YESSSS! BROOKE IS BACK! All around, amazing chapter as usual, can't wait to see your chapters and crazy reviews again :D
4/14/2016 c10 7WizardDemigodGladerGatekeeper
Relax Brooke. Capitolites are known to be over dramatic and... well. Capitol-ish. I'm pretty sure they would act like this when Reaped.
Ahem. Anyway.
I liked Lino much more. The girl was... off. Idk. Lino seemed slightly jerkish, but I liked him Better.
Anyway, nice chapter, don't worry about the writing Brookie, you're an awesome author (Accept it already, Jeez) and update asap :)
4/14/2016 c10 12IVolunteerAsAuthor
Lol Calica is Bae. I'm rooting for her.
4/14/2016 c10 The Emerald Queen 88
1) I actually kinda liked both Calicia and Lino.
2) I liked Calicia because she was funny, and she is literally the embodiment of the Capitol. I liked Lino because of how he was famous, but hid his sexuality. I kinda liked how he had a relationship even though he was "technically" dating the other girl who's name I don't feel like scrolling up to find out because I am so Lazy.
3) I can see Lino making it semi-far, and I feel like Calicia is probably a bloodbath, or might die because she annoyed someone that much.

I used to be the guest TheEmeraldQueen, but I finally got an account! Anyways, great chapter. It's ok if it takes a while for the next chapter. Take your time
3/22/2016 c9 5Anslvy
1. David! By the way, you wrote fam amazingly, and I can't thank you enough for that. You did splendid like always ;) I told you you were the better author, am I right or am I right.

2. Because he's my tribute.

3. David will lead a Capitol Career alliance and place 8th. The girl, whatever her name is, will die lol

4. Yes.

3/22/2016 c8 Anslvy
3/10/2016 c9 12IVolunteerAsAuthor
Both were pretty solid, but I actually like David better.

Idk. Just did. Although I loved the Marylin Monroe quote cause I try to be hipster you feel?

Probably both dead. I see David making it a bit father.

3/2/2016 c9 6santiago.poncini20
4. Katz is katz ?
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