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for Not So Innocent

5/23/2017 c1 2strawberry-e
Hello hello, just wanted to chime in :)
I liked your idea about Sam helping Josh with his revenge (or at least being a part of it?) And showing that she could not forgive the others for their prank as easily either.
My little fangirl heart was really happy to read some Jam (or Vegan Psycho or whatever you like to call it) pieces as well \\\
I just wonder what the hell they would do with wendigo Hannah's help... and who they want to kill or terrorize or whatever they have planned. Just thinking about it makes me shudder, but also very curious. So if you ever decide to write a continuation of this, please let me know :)
Other than that I think it was a good and solid fanfic and I wish you keep writing.
10/19/2015 c1 Dessdragon
Evil Sam... goes against everything I love about her, but from a story perspective I cannot tell you how creative this is. I mean I have chills and am, myself, partly horrified. And I like it. No, correction, I love this story as it is causing me to think of how crazy and deep this story would have been up to this point. This also makes the Sam x Josh pairing in this universe SO much... cuter? in its own way. I mean I feel love from them to each other as well as an obligation to the past.

I am guessing this will remain a 1 shot, but with the potential of story before and after ALL of this is just so tangible. Its really creative, not my favorite Sam, but a damn good new type. Kudos! Hopefully you expand me, I say this as a selfish reader who wants more, if not... still applauds!

10/19/2015 c1 1Lupi-wolf
Can you please add more, this seems like an interesting idea. Also so i take it Sam was involved with the prank and they are going to do what now?
10/18/2015 c1 4Nox Magnus Dux
Very interesting premise of how Sam was in on it with Josh the whole time and had a bit of a dark side to her. If the "better idea" involves Josh and possibly herself going full wendigo, then Good Lord I want to see that happen! Round of Applause! Please don't stop here!

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