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10/19/2015 c1 51Masked Man 2
I...wow. Okay. Um...give me a minute to cough up the fly I swallowed while I was STARING OPENMOUTHED AT THE SCREEN LIKE A BLOODY MUG and I'll actually get to the REVIEW. All right, first of all, I applaud you for writing Othello fan fiction! I FREAKING LOVE THIS PLAY, and am always on the hunt for interesting stories for it (a department in which it is sorely lacking). That being said, Iago is also my favorite character (you're not alone XD), and pondering what happens following his exposure and sentencing is always fascinating. The beginning of this was very well written; you established a great, snarky, almost vitriolic voice for Iago early on that even the uncertainty of the future (and the opposing certainty of imminent torture and imprisonment) and the weariness of his soul could not quench, and I liked that bit of sympathy evident in his regretting Roderigo's death (in his own callous way). I kind of cheered when he managed to kick himself out of the cage (although I have to wonder why Lodovico and that lot didn't just tie him up in there), but the whole vampire (well, vampyre, I guess) bit was...more than a little strange. Then again, one of the genres WAS supernatural...curse my fool eyes, and all that. :P In any case, this is a pretty damn interesting story, and I look forward to seeing more!

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