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for focus determines your reality follow or not you must anakin x reader

5/18/2016 c8 Bella-swan11
This woman appeared, can change everything. Until Anakin's feelings, it is better for her to accept this challenge.
Because it can save many lives, especially Anakin.
Love has been allocated, it is the force that works in this way. If so, she will have a very important role in everyone's life.
4/16/2016 c4 brandy.dasilva18
love your story plz up date soon
11/29/2015 c1 lazy profile
it was good, a little bit weary of what the story was about, you need to change your summary, but I liked it, Qui-Gons always been my favourite character in Star Wars, are you going to the new movie? anyway looking forward to seeing where you take this, just please don't make her a mary sue that's all I ask

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