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9/23 c10 Deathfishface
This is one of the best fanfics I've ever come across and I really hope you eventually finish it.
9/18 c2 1realfan16
Luffy openly flirting and being smooth is just way too OOCliked the DF powa tho
9/9 c10 Rdizzal
i hope you keep going if a good story so far and i find it funny how you kind of guess part of luffy real fruit and can't wait to find out what luffy can do with this one
9/6 c3 Son-Of-Scorn
It’s honestly kinda of funny that this was a different Df luffy and yet he still ended up the Sun god lol
9/5 c4 7poseidon's gryffindor son
So obviously this is an AU so you can do as you please but this is a common mistake people make so I figured I'd let you know in case you thought it was cannon but zeff lost his leg to save sanji in the water long before they hit the island his foot was stuck in some wood so he cut it off with the chain of an anchor or possibly just the sharp bit if the anchor I belive he did end up eating the leg as it was the only food he kept but he didn't cut it off simply to eat it again as it is an au you can keep it as is just figured I'd make this little note for you
8/24 c2 AdrianVnz
You know i am happy Buggy survived, Oda himself has said he ha sthe potential to be 1 of the stronger characters (and he in fact is plenty strong during Impel Down) if he wasn't so lazy.

I now wish that he reappears later on stronger, like by the time he turns warlock he actually is strong enough for it.
8/19 c1 Guest
The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand...
8/13 c1 mshade656
i don't like nami she is just like sakura( the useless ) just little better
8/12 c10 Daggerxxx
At some point, there were too many Nami.
8/9 c1 Maronek
Ace used it*
8/9 c7 Maronek
I feel you on the proper sequencing point in the authors review, it's so goddamn annoying when authors just drop endgame level info during the first chapter and then just act like that info is common knowledge, like I've read stories with people like blue jam knowing about things like conquerors Haki after using it.
8/3 c1 nater0730
yesss plz
7/18 c10 8GhostHunter44
I really hope you do update this soon, this is my third time reading this entire story in a year and I’m still absolutely in love with it. Your style of writing, and the way you have set up luffy’s character just appeal to me greatly. I also really like the fact you’ve made it so he has to use other abilities other than his df due to its extremely destructive nature.

This story is one of the few stories that really made me get into the idea of writing a one piece fanfic and is one of the fics that help me come up with ideas for my story. I hope to one day write a masterpiece on this level but that day is not quite in sight yet.

I honestly thank you for how much your stories, not just this one, have seriously helped me improve the quality of my writing and increase the level in which I try to build a character.
6/30 c5 1EVA-Saiyajin
That was pretty awesome to read. You got a good grasp of writing superhuman combat.
6/30 c4 EVA-Saiyajin
Too much copy and paste stuff considering the different stuff that occurred. But entertaining otherwise.
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