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for Forged in Fire: The 75th Hunger Games

3/12/2019 c38 5AlexFalTon
I noticed a lot of Doctor Who references.
Epic story Elim. Epic story.
2/17/2017 c38 10BamItsTyler
I'm happy that Itook part in this story, a victors SYOT from start to finish was a much needed fixture to this fandoms legacy. I wish Shyanne won though :(, I think I need to focus on the personality more than the narrative. It's always good to have a good backstory-ied character though! So I guess its a double edged sword.

Speaking of fandom legacy, do you mind answering what your next steps on here are? Things are quite dead . . .well maybe not, maybe other people picked up the slack from the exodus of SYOT oriented users.

What's next for you Elim, besides the crossover?

If you take another crack at this, I'll be the first in line :).

See ya on the crossover, WERE ALMOST THERE! That's exciting.
2/16/2017 c38 SpaceAgeDino
I may not have been following along as closely as with Born in Pain, For a Reason, or Mistakes of the Past, but that was a poignant and inspirational conclusion. A concise and powerful ending to another great SYOT.
1/27/2017 c32 7My-Mental-Mind
Hi Elim!

I'm sorry I never really kept up with this...life got busy! But thanks for the placing anyway! I should have engaged with this more, but I'd say he went pretty far considering my lack of engagement with the story. R.I.P Gareth.

Stay cool :)
1/9/2017 c37 JabbyAbby
Galen, yay.
1/9/2017 c37 12goldie031
I caught that Hamilton reference there...

Anyway, really well-written chapter! It's really cool to see such an in depth Victory chapter. Great job!
12/20/2016 c36 JabbyAbby
Oh boy, everyone's dying. I thought Aras would out live Galen, but they're both cool, and I'm glad at least one of them made it to the final four.

I'm so flattered that Cadaya won the poll, I didn't think too many people would consider her the potential victor. Again, thank you so much for accepting her, she made it further than my expectations and I'm thankful for that.

i need to stop droning on about my own tribute...

I want Galen to win but I think one of the ladies will be take the crown.
11/28/2016 c35 5ZJB3
That was soul crushing and euphoric at the same time. I'm thrilled that Valion has made it this far, but all of the tributes have really grown on me and its hard to see them go. Great job and I look forward eagerly to the next update :D
11/21/2016 c34 Tyler

is busy at the moment, but will gladly review you latter on this week, hopefully by the evening time later today. He is sorry that he's a little late. Tyler liked the chapter and will elaborate soon.
11/18/2016 c34 ZJB3
That was entirely too intense. I'm just glad Valion made it through another chapter alive. I can't wait for the next update :)
11/5/2016 c33 10BamItsTyler
Camp Nainamio bar! Wooo, I don't know how you find the time to participate in camp Naniamo bar, but I'm glad that means more sitting down on a warm cozy evening to more Elim updates. Good stuff.

This was a good chapter, plenty of action to keep things going. . . . Okay. This is one of the many times I've understood the quote and the chapter name! Those are always the tough ones. I understood "Numbers" from Call of Duty . . .and a couple others. I deserve a cookie for trying to understand this tidbit.

Freya: Okay. . . so, if this weren't a confrontation in which their personalities align, then one of them would've died also. Being a neutral, dare I say it, "useless" in terms of leaving killing until the last resort, you often do well in confrontations like these. Although there was a hint of deception and defusing, its in each parties interest that neither of them fight and or die. I don't blame Cedra for being . . . null to the fact that d10M was an innocent party, but eh..

Fight Sequence: They both went out with a good fight. I think Euclid redeemed himself here. He morphed into a fair competitor as compared to a couple chapters ago. I'll miss him. He had a good full circle. Camryn faired good too, but unfortunately didn't have enough time to recuperate. Exploding crystal material? I didn't see this coming. 2 of the spider pack crew remains. All in all, fluid fight scene.

Aelin, I wouldn't be so eager to fight in these caves if I were you. I wonder who she'll be up against in the future. Her career mannerisims in my opinion, seem on par to your typical teenage Career, but you can't blame her. Fame, power and glory are a driving force. And if done right, carbon copy careers are enjoyable. They wouldn't fit the bill if you tried otherwise. If you push the envelope, they become walking contradictions.

Hmm, judging by their general area, possibly...or maybe they stumbled onto something. I'm interested. She's learning to, in my opinion, remain reserved for the sake of survival, I can't blame her for doing so.

Yup, the system is unjust. Things will remain the way they are unfortunately! Why would I wan't them to stop. Less kids to be thrown into the grinder. Just Obey and conform Mr. Sigma.

Good chapter. la la la lal al, keep doing what you're doing. . . something something thanking you for your dedication. Oh! erm,

I can't wait for the training sequence in your xmen story. Hurry with that soon.
10/14/2016 c32 BamItsTyler
Hey Elim!

I just wanted to say thank you for sticking around as long as you do...a teacher with a whole bunch of kids and assignments and other things to grade 7 hours a day must be taxing, alongside THIS to worry about too... but I think things are sorta stagnant here..to put it nicely, so I suppose running on your own updating timetable is flexible so it works for you.

If push comes to shove, I must see Penelope again! How many more people? 1 more set? Yeah, 1 more set.

School school and more school over on my end. 1 more semester and goodbye Seneca College... I hardly loved you.

Onto you though.

Aras: So they've become the spiders themselves. Irina is right, I can see Jani getting a little too comfortable, but I think the three of them have become too comfortable..Judging by those weapons, they seem like a force to be reckoned with...but I wonder if the spiders will continue to be fooled or have second thought perhaps? It's clear that the audience is willing to give them the chance, but in my opinion, It might seem okay at the moment, but it may not last for long.

Silvesta: I wonder what'll come of this trio...I made Shyanne, alongside Presley and Penelope, and yet I never seem to know their motive when you get a hand of them. I'm looking forward to her prolonged development. Valion is a manipulator, as in, he hasn't specifically gotten his hands dirty and used his technical side to grant him victory. Silvesta is aging, so I wish these guys luck. They have the mindset for making change,so that's good.

Clark is still around, in my opinion, possibly not for long...hmmmmmm I might be wrong, Same as Cadaya

Cedra: Well, that's that. I'm going to assume by opinion that Freya will take her back regardless OR, or, one of them dies OR or, they have a tough deliberation and the conflict is resolved...for now. She seems unhinged, judging by her point of view and her thoughts. Gareth genuinely thought that, based on the ending of his segment, he'd be good for the night. I guess he was wrong. The ending of this conflict can go both ways. I wonder where'll go.

The ending analysis by Robben seems legitimate, but I'm going to also go with the fact that she's unhinged.

slick chapter there. In other random Tyler news! (It's always good to have some random dialogue with your author! no, for just for filler to make the review longer! :L)

The election is in a month! Your election that is. I wonder where it'll go. I can honestly see Clinton being blown out with the wikileaks stuff, or a Bush v Gore scenario...I dunno, I'll be watching closely though.

See you when you're free again.
10/11/2016 c32 2TitanMaddix
Man, this story is so good! I'm loving all of the character dynamics. Aras' mutt idea was neat, even if it was copied ;)

I'm loving Cedra too. Like a lot!

Each chapter just gets better and better, and I wanted to let you know I'm still here and reading!
10/7/2016 c32 Tyler
I owe you, madam, a review. Welcome back! This place is so dead.. Why cant it be 2013 again... Hmph. Ill be back elim. Theres alot of speculation and plotting that seems to be floating around... Ill adress them soon.
10/7/2016 c32 JabbyAbby
What's this? Reviewing two chapters in a row? I deserve a cookie... no. But a cookie would be nice.

Ah ok let me see...

Irina. Almost forgot we had a tribute AND mentor named Irina. Thought for a moment that a mistake happened and tribute Irina had risen from death. Anywho, yes, Charlie, the spider plan is a nice plan. And foreshadowing of what could be a sad fight between friends if everyone lives long enough. I love this trio too much never kill them.

This is fucking great. They're spiders now. I am so happy. And now they must kill to be accepted into the pack... ok cool. Ooo and glowing crystals to guide the way. I haven't seen the updated map yet. Who are they after?

Ya Valion and his crew are ready. Go murder something you adorable dorks.

Clark and Cadaya are understandably a bit torn up about Maximus and Ebony's deaths - Cadaya more so, of course. I wonder what Aelin is up to.

Freya is probably glad she left, though she might figure that her disappearance caused Gareth's death. It kind of did. Oh boy these two might kill each other...
but I have a weird feeling that Cedra will explain that Gareth may have been planning to leave/murder her, and Freya will understand. Nah, they're probably going to kill each other.

Hi Robben.

this review was a waste i am terrible at this bye
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