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1/4 c21 ForeverTeamEdward13
I know this hasn’t been updated since 2018 but I absolutely love this story and really hope you come back to it. It’s so unique and I honestly wish you had written the script for the show!
6/29/2021 c22 ForeverTeamEdward13
Please continue this! It’s amazing!
4/26/2021 c15 KUTGW
Loving the story so far. It's taken me on an emotional rollercoaster. One thing I've noticed is that Lincoln's pretty rude to Vala still. Even though, she's been nothing but nice to him so far and they appear to both be on the 'Skaikru' side. It seems like he's views himself or maybe Octavia as superior to Vala. Maybe because she's been banished for so long? Maybe it's because she not as innocent and unscarred as Octavia. Idrk, but to not be willing to let her know about the threat to the 100 without talking to Octavia first? I don't really like him here.

And I don't feel like Octavia and Lincoln are quite the same as Bellamy and Vala. Bellamy has the power of the 100 behind him if Vala proved to be dangerous. Meanwhile Octavia's always meeting Lincoln alone and away from camp. While I know that Lincoln won't harm her, Bellamy, her brother would have no way of knowing that and simply wouldn't trust someone he tortured who had her tied up and bleeding in his hideout. Realistically, Octavia doesn't have the backup (since she meets him alone in HIS hideout) or combat experience to protect herself against Lincoln if he did have bad intentions and only has her intuition and assessment of his character to keep her safe. Bellamy wouldn't trust that seeing as she's lived under the ground for the majority of her life and has had (before reaching Earth) an extremely limited experience with other people, typically only being around family or (at the masquerade) people who wouldn't attempt to harm her.
2/12/2021 c22 Daydreamerxx
This story is absolutely amazing so far! I absolutely LOVE Vala. She’s so different then all the other characters and so sweet but fierce too! I hope you continue this story one day. Even just to give it some sort of ending.
2/10/2021 c22 chibi-Clar
Ughhh I don’t know how to feel about Vala getting tortured... I ojos have felt resentment... but maybe it’s that inner need to be accepted by a group?

anyways awesome story! I enjoy every part of it and it’s exciting to read! I hope you update
2/10/2021 c21 chibi-Clar
Omg! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh she’s in a holding cell
2/10/2021 c20 chibi-Clar
Omggggggg I’m excited to read this part through her perspective!
2/10/2021 c19 chibi-Clar
:) :)
2/9/2021 c18 chibi-Clar
It happened! Yes! Awesome!
2/9/2021 c17 chibi-Clar
I love it! Ship it!
2/9/2021 c16 chibi-Clar
I love it!
2/9/2021 c13 chibi-Clar
This chapter! Yes they kissed ️️️
2/9/2021 c12 chibi-Clar
Omg! I cried!
2/9/2021 c10 chibi-Clar
2/9/2021 c9 chibi-Clar
I was wondering how this would work out, but she’s knocked and hurt... so she can’t (I know she’s not a healer) so she can’t direct or assist in the healing of poison...
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