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10/11/2017 c17 32charlietheepic7
This sounds really sad and if I hadn't just started a new Kaishin story, I would try to write it.
10/3/2017 c16 BlackBlood-Tonic
that's a good one I already want to read this
9/30/2017 c8 3Mango-sama
I really, really love all of your prompts!

And this one I just keep coming back to. I already have a rough idea thought out (at this point I'm thinking a two-shot [focusing more on Kaito in the first chapter, and Shinichi in the second], but that may change as I actually write it out).

No title as of yet, and no idea when (or even if... [I'm a terrible person that starts things and then drops or cannot finish them...] I'll be able to post the story). But I wanted to let you know I'm writing a story based on this prompt just in case someone else wishes for it to be closed between now and whenever I am finally able to post it.

Thanks! (And thank you for such amazing prompts!)
9/24/2017 c15 C
Hn. I really like the omega!kaito prompt, hope someone takes you up on it.
I've got a couple of ideas you can share:
1. When hunting down a lead on the Black Org (or to catch Kaito off guard in retaliation to a prank), Shinichi/Conan spots Kaito in the process of being kidnapped/held hostage.
2. What if Kaito (whether on purpose or accident is up to author) started working with or leaving hints for the police/federal agency concerning 'real' criminals. The reason he does this beyond a case-by-case basis is to get practice for one day taking down the Black Org.
9/24/2017 c13 C
Ageed. More omega!Kaito would be nice. [Being either shy or a bamf or a mix of both] Especially is it is written well.
My favorite is My Dearest Mirror by Glowing Glasses on fanfiction. Even if it's not precisely omega!kaito, its close enough. Plus it has a wonderful starting plot.
9/21/2017 c13 1RequiemRein
Aww..no one adopted this prompt yet.. I would really love to read it. Omegaverse AU in dcmk fandom are so rare it makes them precious. *goes to the KaiShin shrine corner and prays for Lady Luck to have someone adopt this prompt for shippers to see little Kai and Shin running around*
9/16/2017 c14 BlackBlood-Tonic
wow that's an awesome idea I really want to read a Fanfiction about it
7/24/2017 c13 5dragonlover721
I pretty much have only one thing to say for this prompt: Movie 14, The Lost Ship in the Sky aftermath
7/24/2017 c13 27The Symbol of Faith
Hey! While RL is keeping me busy for a while, I'm quite happy to see a new prompt! And hoping that I get to read this one especially! Alpha!Shinichi and Omega!kaito has always been a wish of mine to read! Guess internet rule #34 is true after all! :P

Realy interesting concept and I'd have taken it if I wasn't so busy currently! Maybe I still might, once I become free...till then, keeping posting prompts! They're really interesting!

See ya, Shana!
5/7/2017 c2 Guest
Why does the comment section not work?
5/7/2017 c2 Kaishin
I have to write this. Sure, I have so many One Shot drabble compilations, fics I need to finish and works I just started writing, but one more can't hurt, can it? Anyways, as soon as I have read the prompt, I started writing. I've already posted the first 'chapter' on my Wattpad account. My username is Alieliya and the story is Edge of the Night.

While the first chapter is very short, only 358 words in fact, I am planning to make the rest longer. Today was a day I already wrote a ton and have many things to do so this one is left on the shirt side. Hope you like it anyways!
4/1/2017 c8 The Symbol of Faith
3/31/2017 c8 4MysticCritic
So...you're probably thinking, "she's late"...or something :P But, I was kinda stuck on the title. Yeah, I know. But, no matter what I did, the title didn't seem to fit or was just unsatisfactory! So, in the end, I finally got it and am posting it soon. Re-checking and editing right now, but it'll be out soon!
I'd actually finished writing it in two days, but well...plus, life's kept me busy as well...

Also, I changed a lot of the rant. Though, it still is a rant, just not how you wrote it. Creating a scene to fit that particular dialogue was difficult, and I kinda gave up halfway *scratches head sheepishly*

Aha! I realise now...but I simply meant then, that since it was added in your tags, it meant you were alright with it :D Wouldn't do for the author of the prompt to feel like she couldn't read it, could it? xD

Oh? I'll take your advice then, and post it in both places *_* Rating for now will be T, but will change later!
Expect it in another ten/fifteen minutes {_}

P.S - I'm having slight troubles with posting it on AO3, so I'm leaving Critic to deal with that. She'll probably post a review there to notify you too, or something. Meh.

Hope you enjoy reading!
3/14/2017 c10 25TETRACIDE
i definitely like the second version lol
3/12/2017 c11 1Disconsolate Mist
I just wanted to say, this prompt is great! The idea is just plain humorous, and I really want to see it play out in a story... The premise of Conan turning into a girl whenever he's near Kid all because of one envious Akako? Ha! I would so do this myself, but I can't. Too busy to even try and keep up with my own stories.

Anyhow, hope this one gets picked up soon...
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