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8/5/2020 c6 Vids
Pls pls Kwak pls finish this it's sooooooooo good .. Pretttyyyy plsssss.. And fevered dreams pls finish both of them off.. Your books are so good!
9/16/2019 c3 Guest
Ooo the Fords are horrible people, aren’t they? Hope Ken had the decency to pay Una for basically being a maid to them, but considering how they treated her I don’t think that thought would ever cross his mind. Carl *should* be cross at Rilla, I cannot believe her!

Hope Una finds a backbone and tells these people off sooner or later, I know she is not the meak person people have been trying to paint her as.

You write beautifully, even though this chapter made me detest Rilla and Ken. Which is great, stories should evoke feelings, right? I hope someday you’ll come back to this story!
9/16/2019 c2 Guest
Yes Faith, call Rilla out! Rilla is so spoiled and unthinking, but I guess she’s found her match in Ken (even though the entire relationship is pretty gross, Ken is Walter’s age and Rilla was what, 15? when he started noticing her? yuck.) anyway, Rilla is far from my favorite Blythe and Una deserves the world so good on Faith for recognizing that.
10/3/2018 c6 Marisa
Your writing and this story, in particular, are so dear to me. It feels so true, so real to LMM, and -so- well-written. Every time I reread it, I feel a pang for Nan and Jerry, with their story left unfinished and their hearts in such disarray. I hope you're well and I hope that one day, soon, you come back to finish this tale and give Nan and Jerry's souls a loving resolution as only you could write it. Thank you, thank you for the gift that is this and all your fics.
11/15/2017 c6 75kslchen
I know you have not updated this story in a while and I fully respect that (sometimes you just come to a point where you need to back off of a certain story for a while), but I still wanted to say how very much I enjoyed reading it back in the day. There's a rawness and a truthfulness to your writing and you've helped me to better understand Una (which, up until then, I regarded as rather dull). Most of all, I like how in your story the war and its tragedies still linger. War might be over but the hurt remains and the characters still struggle with it. The are trying to make a future while dealing with the past and that is never easy. You really captured that and I just wanted to let you know, should you ever be drawn back to this story, you will have a happy reader in me.
10/4/2017 c6 sanityisaminordetail
Pretty please update this! I do love this story very much.
2/13/2017 c6 Guest
Excellent! Though I hope things will get happier. Shirley has gotten his happy ending (I love Merry) and Di in medschool is alright but everyone else is gray rather than the golden happiness I associate with the Anne books.
8/30/2016 c6 1Andrea1984
The first grandchildren for Anne and Gilbert: James and Walter.

Please: If you have time and interest, post a Family Tree. Thank you so much.


8/30/2016 c5 Andrea1984
A short review: Please write some more.


8/30/2016 c4 Andrea1984
Poor Una. I like her so much and feel with her. She lost first Walter and then Bruce.
Bruce was 11 years old , when he died, right ?


8/30/2016 c3 Andrea1984
A sad story, but probably with a happy end. I hope so.


8/30/2016 c2 Andrea1984
Marshall Elliott has died, Irene Howard - I don't like her - it's ok r.i.p. - James Anderson - the father or the boy ?

I like your story an add her to my favorites.


8/30/2016 c1 Andrea1984


4/17/2016 c6 2Kim Blythe
At last, I have come to the story to where you had left off, eagerly waiting for you to continue with it.

How I admire the fact that you made both Rilla and Faith to become pregnant before they had gotten married !

But I was a little sadden that Anne didn't get to see Jem get married and the same goes for Shirley. But, as long as everyone is happy, and they are happy, I don't think I mind this at all !

What shocked me the most was the fact that you had made little Bruce die of the Spanish Flu. What a sad, sad moment and tragedy for them all...

Will you be answering Diana Wright question that she had asked to Anne : Does Jack still stand a chance at finding a girl and get married as well ?!

Who could this girl be ? Diana, Nan, Una ?

Diana, because she maybe studying medicine at Redmond, she is still single. And now that Jessie, the mother of Gilbert O'Ryan his dead, what happened to him ? Did his father came back from the war, or died overseas ? Did he and Diana kept in touch with one another ? His he going to make a come back into this story ?

Nan, well because Jerry still hasn't said anything to her after he came back. She moved out and went to live in Avonlea. My guess is that she his living at the Wrights house, probably where Jack still lives as well.

Una, Una who his still taking and caring for everyone around her but, the way that you write about her, makes me think that you have grand, amazing things planned for her !

And Carl, what's going to become of Carl ?

Did Persis become a grand a great designer ? Or she only makes dresses for the pleasure of doing it and for her friends to have pretty dresses and clothes to wear ?
3/24/2016 c6 InABlueCastle
I really love this story-everyone is really in-character, and I like reading post-series Una stories where Una isn't just sitting around feeling sorry for herself, because I really don't think that's true to her character. I think your Una is a great balance of shyness, sadness over Walter's death, and hope for the future. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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