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1/9/2016 c6 bunnybee
I am loving this story and hope you are well and will update soon :)
12/21/2015 c6 7Bathsheba Blythe
I'm loving this story so far. I always considered Una's character as one of my absolute favourites and always wished that there was more of her in the books.
You write her very well and I'm interested to know what will happen next in her life, and all of the other characters's lives as well :)
Hopefully you'll post Chapter 7 quite soon! I'm looking forward to it ;)
12/13/2015 c6 Guest
Loving this story very, very much. Your Una is a fantastic "voice". I can't wait to read about those three new characters! Merry is an awesome addition to the family. Give us an update soon, please! As a Christmas present, perhaps? ;-)
11/28/2015 c6 PelirrojaBiu
It was such a delight to read! I love the narrative here, how it starts and ends with the dining room. "The House of All Sorts" mention and Stella The Younger's painting was fantastic, as was Susan saying Dog Monday could do it better (by the way, I'm so happy that he went to Toronto with Jem and Faith! Of course he did!).

- My heart went to Una when she remembers finding the Valley for the first time and calls it "the paradise". She and her siblings must have been so unhappy when they first arrived in Glen!

- Am I reading too much into it or was that other soldier from Walter's photograph someone important to him?

- Trust Rilla to have weird pregnancy cravings! And am I the only one who finds it funny that Gilbert had problems driving the car and backed it into the wall? Hilarious!
(btw, Rilla mentions a Yew Tree cottage - I know that it's a common enough name for a house, but do you by any chance happen to watch "Downton Abbey"?)

- Merry-the-peach is such a dear and her "ripe remarks" are hilarious, though her words about the Great War being the one "to end all wars" were so hard to read - which was probably your intention all along. It makes me think about the beginning of "Anne of Ingleside" when Anne's taking a walk with Diana and they say the war is in the past and their sons will never have to be soldiers. Oh dear...

Their proposal couldn't be more crazy and romantic. And Mother Susan would be so proud to know that her boy was only Blythe child to somehow manage to wait till the wedding with hot lovin'.

- The description of Rilla's wedded bliss is spot on and so in character!

"Nan's room would make the best spare room but it still has Nan in it" :D Oh Rilla!

- I can't find the words to express how happy I am with Di's studying medicine. It's a good thing that Mrs. Lynde is long dead now and doesn't know they've considered Boston! So sad she's having a hard time being a female student. I was thinking, maybe Mr Edvard Rasmussen aka The Fox is a faculty member and might help her a bit, keep an eye on his old friend's daughter? But now I come to think of it, he wasn't a good enough student, was he? And his "keeping an eye" on a gal usually meant getting into her pants, so maybe that's not such a good idea...

Btw, what has happened to that Gilbert chap? His father died from the flu, right? But what about the guy?

- So happy about the babies! The names are perfect, especially great-grandpa Blythe's honorary mention. I can almost see Anne, all excited, asking about their hair! :)

- Nan and her "God bless" nearly broke my heart.

All in all, what a fantastic chapter! You write Una so well but after the multi POV RD who would have doubted that.
11/23/2015 c6 18Alinyaalethia
From the musicality of the dining room to the watery moon and conversation with Walter this was a lovely dream of a chapter. The more I read about Merry the more I like her. Shirley's proposal to her was pitch perfect, as was her response. She suits him, they suit each other, and you're left with a delicious feeling of rightness and wholeness reading about them. In a world that has to much healing still to do, this is very satisfying. Though her line about there never being another war did give me chills, and you meant it to too.

Inexplicably I love how you're handling Nan and Jerry. This uncertainty suits them, you were right thinking it would. Una's discomfort at sharing a room with Nan, Nan saying 'God bless' and then catching herself and ringing off, it feels right. This is a chapter about rightness. Everything in its place, everything settled. Very gratifying yo read.

As was news of those babies. I'm glad they're healthy and agree with Nan, the names are perfect. And Anne has another set of twins in her life. Your treatment of the birth was a marvel. The telephone calls, the long-distance, Jem's pride, Cornelia's disgruntledness and Susan anticipating call and then falling asleep, ending with cinsmon milk. An exhilarating, enjoyable read.
11/23/2015 c5 PelirrojaBiu
I can see there's already a chapter 6, so I thought I'd hurry up and review this one before I go on reading. Fantastic entry! And on a slighter happier note, even though I love when you write drama. Well, it was still full of drama, wasn't it, haha, just another kind.

I don't know if I have ever noticed it so clearly before, but I love the structure of each of your chapters and the fact that it's not linear. What we get in the beginning is the situation and feelings afterward and then we get to find out what provoked those feelings.

Merry is quite an interesting addition to the Ingleside household, to say at least! I loved that after the whole servant/cook misunderstanding Shirley ran up to Susan. Poor soul! I guess she'll be the last one to start to like Merry.

I agree with Anne here, I also thought Shirley would end up a bachelor or at least marry much further in the future. He must be around 22-23 years old, right? I also wonder if he was looking for a bit of mother-Susan in his new wife, with her having a bit of meat on the bones :) Anyway, I love her "voice" and I'm so interested to find out about her work during the war.

I'm amazed with the way you portray Anne. She may seem her youthful, girly, excited self on the outside, but I think her being so talkative towards Una in this chapter shows the way she's dealing with her grief. Of course, she has always been chatty, don't we know it, but it's a different kind of chatty now, a new face and voice, and you wrote it brilliantly.

Now off to chapter 6!
11/23/2015 c6 7Formerly known as J
What a fantastic update on everything. I don't care if you backstory us for the rest of the year, kwak, I will happily read chapters like that any day.
Oh, k, didn't I just eat up Una's delicious description of the dining room as the beating heart of Ingleside! Especially the framed picture of Walter. I could even see her dancing hands. Since I love to touch pretty, shiny wooden furniture, too, I can kinda relate. You know how it is for us OCD'ers. ;) I'm beginning to wonder about how many whacky qualities I share with her.
Thanks too for the tiny glimpse into Stella's future after Redmond. I'm delighted to know that she went on to live a full and adventurous life. I wouldn't have liked to think she wasted her degree by going back to teaching since she hated it so much. And I particularly enjoyed The House of All Sorts. Excellent work.
I giggled at Rilla and her peculiar tastings. Not to mention her quandary over bedroom dilemmas and Ken's not 'doing' church. It looks like it could be tricky times ahead at Ingleside. But I think my favourite tidbit was Shirley's impulsive proposal to Merry. And I was relieved to discover that at least one of the Blythes could restrain himself before marriage! Haha. Good on you Shirley. Perhaps it's because Merry is made of different stuff. Not meringue but peach. I loved that, too, kwak.
Poor Nan faltering at her "god bless" reminding her of Jerry. I truly hope that those two work things out. And I felt as though Dr Blythe might have helped convince the powers that be at Redmond about Di? Or maybe she got in on her own merit. Either way, I loved her fearlessly carrying on with her medical studies in the face of adversity. Rock on, suffragettes!
Bless Una for telling Walter all about his new nephews over a glass of cinnamon milk by the watery moon. I'm loving the twins' names, too. If that was the prelude with loose ends all tied up, kwak, then I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter.
11/22/2015 c6 7DianaStorm09
I came back from my little vacation today and was so happy there was a new chapter waiting for me. Thank you!

When I first read this chapter I thought you came up with the idea and described your own imaginary House of All Sorts, and of course Una would feel an affinity towards it. I will google the image of the Emily Carr painting in a moment - you've made me curious.

I enjoyed the interaction between Merry, Una and Rilla. Pregnancy cravings sure can take bizarre forms! So far, I've enjoyed your description of Merry, she seems like a complementing fit to Shirley, and I enjoy to see the contrast of her very open and progressive character to the more reserved and traditional Una.

Lastly, I wanted to say that I love Di is studying medicine. A wonderful idea!
11/19/2015 c5 7Formerly known as J
A new world all right! There was so much I enjoyed in this chapter, k. From Merry and Brownie to her 'effervescent' hat and unruly hair, then Una in her cosy blue cardie kicking open the sticking gate, it was a real delight to read. I particularly enjoyed 'loverly' - very My Fair Lady, kwaky :) And fancy Merritt knowing Walter first hey?

Ah, Una with her innate ability to know what needs doing, even after the shock to Ingleside of Shirley's unexpected new bride and her spectacular faux pas causing everyone to run in different directions. And, of course, tea always helps. Poor Shirley, dashing into the kitchen after Susan, but then remembering he's married. I enjoyed finding out about his illustrious flying career and his sidelong glances at Merry that Diana and Fred recognise as so reminiscent of his father. Excellent work, kwak.

This was certainly a most satisfying dollop of Anne for me and I loved her asking Una to stay- she always did know, didn't she? Anne really does need Una, I reckon. I especially loved Anne's look that was 'pure Dr Blythe' as she told Una of Shirley's mortification. You know I always smile at Una's hair brushing. Not to mention Walter making a limerick of it - I'm sure he would. Who would have thought Una could crack out a bit of comedy? Hehe.

Thanks for the cheerful mood, and I have a feeling that things are about to get interesting (as if they weren't already). I'm loving this story more and more with each chapter. Looking forward to the next instalment as always.
11/14/2015 c5 18Alinyaalethia
It was indeed more cheerful. You manage the fine line between shadow and cheerfulness with Una well. This was a lovely introduction to Merry, and a fluid segue into Una coming over to Ingleside to stay. I love the hints you drop about Fi, Fred and Gilbert, and the glimpse we have of Anne out in the evening air, with the sound of the moths.

The talk of the place of servants reminded me of a line I caught on the latest read-through of Camomile Lawn. 'Let me do the greens,' says Helena, 'I know how.' That is, she's learned how since losing her servants. We're still very much in a place where class demarcations apply in the twenties, and not everyone would know how to do the greens. Well done bringing that to the fore, it's a detail that catches the period perfectly.

Merry is indeed like a meringue, sweetness throughly, and soft though you mightn't guess at once. I loved her for her conversation on that walk through Rainbow Valley, you sketch her history deftly but thoroughly enough. I can see why Shirley married her, even in spite of the initial upset. And Shirley going first yo Susan was a good touch.

Favourite line had to be that exchange between Anne and Una -what would Walter make of this? -a limerick. I'm now happily awaiting more and glad I waited until I could read on an adequate screen.
11/13/2015 c5 3YorkshireTeaDrinker
You know what, all that exquisite agony was necessary and, rendered by your hand, deliciously and delicately drawn; but it is good to have a little break in the clouds.

At the end of the last chapter, I was terribly worried that Shirley had made a duff match that was going to rain further angst on Ingleside, but, by the end of that walk to the Manse, I was really rather fond of Merry. Perhaps it was the comparison of Shirley with Gilbert - looking like the cat who'd got the cream (incidentally, I loved Gilbert's riposte - LMM's Dr Blythe become somewhat detached from his Gilberty origins, you combine the two parts so well). Or the reference to her looking like Diana. The interaction between Fred, Diana and Gilbert was wonderful and Diana's line about changing their train tickets was a cracker. How refreshing to hear the respectable Dr Blythe, eponym for a myriad over-harbour and Glenside Gilbert's and Gilbertines, being branded a lummox.

I love the glimpses of the Annes that are wrapped up within Mrs Blythe: the gypsy, the seer, the mother trying to reconcile the boy who left with the man who returned. That she sees more of Una than Una wants to be seen. It was fitting that the invite came, in the form it would be accepted, after Una's reference to Walter. Even now he is the catalyst to draw Una into his unprincipled, outrageous family.

A beautiful shaft of sunshine. I am enjoying this story immensely.
11/10/2015 c4 Brittlestar
What a strange story. I don't know if I like Una or not, but the writing is solid. Looking forward to where you take this.
11/10/2015 c2 Guest
"soft as strawberry mousse"! What a delicious simile ;-) to start a delicous chapter, i could feel the summer coming through. Susan was hilarious, and so was Mr Ford. Also, I hope Anne appears more in the story in future!
11/10/2015 c1 Guest
This is wonderfully written, I love the small details casually dropped in now and then, it makes it really feel real, like Una has really written it herself. Thank you for putting a reference of characters at the top, why did everyone have to go and have so many kids? It can get confusing with all the names, but this is very nicely set up. I love Carl, he seems very funny, and I love the description of Rilla's hair I can feel her coming through the screen.
11/9/2015 c4 PelirrojaBiu
A beautiful yet such a sad chapter... After the couples were wed (Rilla and Ken) or gone (Faith and Jem), the grief seemed especially poignant. I had cold chills running down my spine when the new cemetery was mentioned... Of course they had to make a new cemetery... With the earth having to settle and so on... (I loved Persis painting a sleeping cat on Bruce's grave).

Another cold chill was at the mention of the prayer meetings. How gastly! Those silly folk could have kept their mouths shut at least out of respect for Gil and his service for the community, instead of "praying" for Anne and Faith.

My favourite part was Una's walk to the Ingleside - the way nature almost seemed to welcome her at every step she took - because she had made her decision and was about to ask Anne about it. Beautiful writing.

I just can't wait to read about Shirley's bride. I take it no one had known about his marriage - is there another grandchild on the way? Why Susan's absence in the kitchen? She was either not letting Shirley out of her embrace or fainting at the idea that her boy's wife doesn't eat meat. On the other hand, with all the after war food rations won't that be a blessing in disguise?
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