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for Clover Spear - The Story of the '56 War

12/30/2020 c73 Steve
A new chapter is always a treat. Thank you!
11/26/2020 c40 20thepkrmgc
invictus really is one heck of a poem...
11/26/2020 c38 thepkrmgc
is two wars at the same time not enough for some people?
11/25/2020 c35 thepkrmgc
so wait, they will be using the clan pow's as troops against the confederation?
11/25/2020 c34 thepkrmgc
its interesting to see the losing side's perspective here, though even a disasterous assault still inflicts some damage
11/25/2020 c32 thepkrmgc
ok, so much for the other heir...
11/25/2020 c29 thepkrmgc
ok, so there's another heir, if this works out the way I think then the combine and the commonwealth will be allied instead of under a personal union.
11/25/2020 c24 thepkrmgc
well, this changes things...
11/25/2020 c23 thepkrmgc
props to von strang for granting this small mercy, by such things one's humanity's retained
11/25/2020 c22 thepkrmgc
props to the mariks for making the right choice here, hopefully the sun tsu wont recover his calm anytime soon.
11/25/2020 c21 thepkrmgc
the mariks are a wildcard here, hopefully this display of resolve wont push them too far.
11/25/2020 c20 thepkrmgc
two front wars are always an interesting position, I wonder how the fedcon will split their resources?
11/25/2020 c19 thepkrmgc
I'm kind of glad I'm starting the story so long after this chapter was released, it would have made for quite the cliffhanger
11/25/2020 c16 thepkrmgc
glory and folly can be pretty hard to tell apart sometimes...
11/24/2020 c12 thepkrmgc
oh cool, I recognize the FC mechs from the game, and all hail the power of massed artillery!
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