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4/4 c6 Guest
B27 ?
3/26 c21 tasyadewi16
up please
1/19 c21 Guest
Loved this story! Hope things are still well years after this post :)
4/28/2022 c21 yuky09
por favor vuelve y actualiza pronto gracias️️️️️️
1/11/2022 c21 Guest
Ok, but why THE ACTUAL FUCK are people confused over the story being hiatus vs abandoned. Like, do y’all just not read the last page of a book/author notes? The author already implied abandonment of the story when they had the courtesy to announce a hiatus and didn’t RETURN 3 fucking years later to update ANYTHING on the account -.-

Use your brains you morons and THINK! Biggest bruh moment I’ve seen in my 10 years of reading Fanfiction, smh
1/11/2022 c21 27x18
Hi All,

I understand it's been a huge hiatus since I've updated and I'm sorry to give false hope with this I'm just letting you know it's going to be a bit longer, I thank you all for your support but there has been a major upheval in my life as my brother took his own life its sort of hit the family and me hard, it's been tough to get the urge to write and I'm still trying to get the writing groove back.

I'm not abandoing any of my stories and I have half chapters here and there for them and will update when I can, but it will just be a bit longer, I'm sorry.

To be honest I've been so scared you've been getting mad at me I've been not opening reviews, I'll start opening them again soon, promise, I just couldn't deal with it for a while.

I just wanted to let you know that it's going to be a bit of a wait, apologies but it's just super hard to write right now.

Thanks for the constant support to my stories. I will get some up when I can.

12/22/2021 c21 1ExtremelyTired13
i love this story so much, as well as your other works! i know you havent been updating in a while, but i still hope you might update/continue them. either way, i look forward to any decision you decide to make
12/12/2021 c21 CieloAo
wow it's been 3 years and I just reread this story again, I hope it will be continued again. Still patiently waiting to our amazing author to update this wonderful story (sorry for the bad english)
11/15/2021 c10 Mangareader13
How long will it take for Mukuro to realise they aren't going to leave?

Welcome to Varia, the best assassins in the business and an orphanage.
11/14/2021 c5 Mangareader13
So there goes my last comment to the trash bin.
11/14/2021 c4 Mangareader13
I am imagining Reborn getting briefed on Tsuna and being informed of that the latter is technically confirmed Varia Quality, or finding out via Tsuna's own mouth.
Were Reborn anyone else the jaw would drop.
11/14/2021 c3 Mangareader13
The Varia are _whipped_ for Tsuna and goddamn is it hilarious.
10/10/2021 c21 anonimous
I know a lot of people-myself included- told you to take as much time as you need, but it's been three years, and when author's don't post ANYTHING for that amount of time it gets people asking:

"Have they abandoned their stories? Are they sick? Or worse? Are they dead?"

So maybe post something- ANYTHING- to let us know you're still alive at least.
8/5/2021 c21 kimchisdelicious
i hope you're doing fine, it's okay, take as long as you need. i appreciate you sharing your lovely stories despite the things you went through. i'll def come back here again to reread it, thank you:>
8/5/2021 c18 kimchisdelicious
dangling thing HAHAHAHAHA
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