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10/20 c10 krzys2000
Poor Mukuro is in denial. Trying to fool yourself is not good for you
10/20 c4 Tenshima
oh, my dog, tÔ morrendo de tanta fofura e hilariedade
10/18 c3 mallarieTwinkies
10/13 c21 libraryrockerr
I love you and I love your stories.

8/17 c2 1hitokori midnight
Such a beautiful story! Ive read this book countless times and its still amazing! Are you by any chance still going to work on it? Also im truly sorry for the loss of your family member the pain doesnt go away but it gets eaisers to move forward each day
7/25 c20 daliapv.perez
Maravillosa historia me hizo reír.
7/18 c20 5Lunary
I just finished the story at least as far as it went.
I really hope you get back to your stories and that you manage to find your strength again after what happened.

I look forward to read more about this story once you get back to it. At least I hope you will.

I love this story and the idea. It is a new one and a unique one as far as I can remember.

So yeah let us find out what happens with the guys and girls of this story.


PS. I wish you the best and hope you stay healthy.
6/27 c21 Samanta Mejia Hernandez
espero con ansias el próximo capitulo esta buenísima la historia
6/11 c21 LiliLoveNutella
LOVE your story!
5/24 c21 Hina-cchi
Uwaaa. Y'know I was wodering if the simon fam will get to be in the story lol. Just knowung that is enough. I wish you luck on continuing your stories.
5/24 c15 Hina-cchi
UfufuHAHAHAHAHAHAHA its so funny reading this. The varia keeping everything pg
5/12 c21 Xx
This is one of the best fanfics i've read. Still hoping for the update
5/8 c21 5rainaris
I hope this gets updated again :) I love reading your fics!
5/4 c21 Dman4869
This is really good fic. Ty for ur hard work! I love the idea of Papa xanxus to Tsuna. I hope u staying safe with all the things going on with the world. Take ur time writing we'll wait as long as it won't die :)
4/30 c20 3Valen Goncalvez
It was a good chapter, I will look forward to the next update!
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