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for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw

13h c57 Marshmallowmann
Cool story. The next chapters are on his Website. I just wish the authors would Update here.
9/18 c18 The-Morrighu
Small but jarring issue. Macavity the "sooty post owl as gray as his namesake"

Macavity's a GINGER cat
He's called "The Hidden Claw"

Small but jarring
9/17 c51 Shadeymankey
You write well. Very well. The characters just frustrate me.
9/17 c51 Shadeymankey
Why are all of your characters stupid.
9/16 c28 Shadeymankey
Why are your girls stupid when it matters? This is so well written that it is more frustrating
9/16 c26 Shadeymankey
I love alex. Sad she was an idiot at the start but her dad WAS padfoot, it is expected.
9/12 c15 Anon
Yep, no reason not to feed John to the Cerberus.
9/12 c10 Anon
Here’s an idea — destroy the Horcruxes, kill John, destroy Voldie-wraith.
9/12 c7 Anon
Promising start, but now feels like this is going to be a massive waste of time. Any reason why Harry has not destroyed the Horcruxes? Too busy building the future harem I guess…..
9/11 c1 Guest
This is not a fic at all you don't know how to write a story, you just tossed a bunch of one shot worthless.
9/12 c18 johnny99
Interesting premise, but far too slow-paced for me. Thanks for writing, best of luck.
9/12 c57 1Diekilles
For those seeking more chapters. He has them posted on another website.
WWW DOT dpasw DOT com
9/2 c57 Master Chief
This was soooo good bro, I really wished you finished it. Funny how I got more attacked to virgo than the main character in the story tho. Thank you for the absoloutley legendary read :)
8/27 c57 Flaming-Jaguar
Read chapter 58 & 59 on the other website. Well done. Keep those updates coming.
8/24 c57 Guest
For any of you looking to continue reading this story, LeadVonE moved it to its own website. You can find a link to it at LeadVonE .com . Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he has updated it in several months, but there are at least 16 more chapters posted.
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