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for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw

6h c57 DrDamage
Thank you Author
11/26 c26 1TheManTheMythTheMeme
I dont know why, but the idea pf xenophilus having a gun fills me with joy
11/23 c10 Guest
In your A/N about updating the pairing in the summary, Idek know how this works, but could you put in 2 pairings? Like, pair Daph and Ginny with Harry in one, and pair Luna and Mione with Harry in another. Just a theory; I don't know if you can even put him in 2 but it might work.

Love your work so far.
11/23 c57 lou2003us
I really want to see what happens next. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work!
11/23 c57 ProfesionalCartoon
I was so looking forward to their Animagi forms
11/18 c57 TheSummerSet
Awwwww man this story is hella awesome! I binged it in 3 days and this is crazyyyyyy! Love the chimera animates, I haven't seen that one yet and I'm intrigued to see if the snakes are also capable of independent thought with the bemoan lion head or merely extensions that can be controlled like fingers. Regardless I don't I've read a fic that uses animagi magic to this extent so I'm extremely interested to see how it develops. Great work ,keep it up and stay safe out there!
11/16 c47 Guest
I've read the bulk of this story in a rush of 3 days. Stopping here to post 3 simple comments

The 1st. The title is unwieldy and off-putting. Evidently I pushed past that, but it's a persistent (very minor) complaint

The total absence of Dumbledore past book 2 (so far) makes sense as a solves problem from the previous arc, but it feels weird to have seen nothing from him at all. With all the pov shifts you do already

As for why I picked this chapter 47 hogwarts vignette to comment on, it feels very light and familiar, almost as if this wasn't a tinetravel AU at all and just regular genfic, now i like all the skulldudgery ofc, but this was such a novel tone shift i felt the need to say good job. For this bonus and all the rest.

For however many years it takes you to write this all out, (if you don't abandon it meantine, I know inspiration can't last forever) i will be waiting. Quite enjoyed most everything so far!
11/16 c57 Guest
A T-rex is cool and all but they were around when the oxygen count was way higher than it is now, which would make Luna very lethargic because she cant get as much oxygen as she needs and the power to weight ratio of an animal that big isnot that great, her sprint speed might be high but distance? fucking garbage is what it would be.

this might not be fun to aknowledge but being forced to pretend that a t-rex wouldnt face these issues is not really fun. and if the explanation is magic then why would any wizard/witch ever get tired? just magic and they can run forever.

some things you think through really well but there are some where you dont seem to think further than "this is cool" and then ignore problems for the sake of that.
11/16 c53 Guest
And so Virgos plot armor thickens... ugh
11/15 c57 Guest
I normally don't like harem stories, but this is awesome
11/15 c51 Guest
i knew i was going to have to complain about it when i first read she was a ridicolous Lamia, how the hell can she move faster than a human on land? you do know how snakes move right? how good their power to weight rtio is. there is a reason Naha are made slow on land in fiction, its because it makes no sense for them to be able to slither at any decent speed on land.

tihs just hurts to read, its like the idea of heating up antarctica, yeah just melt the ice of the planet casually, nothing will happen to the planets climate, im sure.
11/15 c49 Guest
Thank you for making a likeable Lockhart, that kinda attitude without anything to back it up is just annoying but when it can be backed up it becomes hilarious, good job.
11/15 c46 Guest
Bentley really is a genuine psycopath, i really just hope he isnt going to have plot armor, pysocpathic characters with plot armor is so weak.
11/15 c37 brendenmcintosh
Literally the biggest wrench to be thrown in a plan
11/13 c27 Guest
ive had a great time reading up until chapter 27.

Who is clare?
Where does Clare come from?
why is Clare here?
im confused
i pretty much just skimmed throuh this entire chapter in like 10 minutes because it felt likei was no logner reading the same story and nothing made sense and thus didnt matter.
why did you do this?

there is nothing here.
great he helped a sex slave woooo, amazing! why is this here? why is this happening now? where does this come from!?

i really hope you did not want a resposne like the confusion i am currently feeling because my faith in your story was shaken really fucking badly here, there i finally cursed.
this chapter... im going to pretend it doesnt exist because its atrocious, the timing and everyuthing is horrendous, ill try and forget its existence but honestly the disappointment im feeling might be too much and ill have to drop yet another story that i found massive potentinal in... its getting too damn hard to find stories i can stick to until the very end these days.

You can write great things... please never do anything like this again, its so out of place and just absolutely wrecking balls the pacing.

btw longest review ive ever written, good on you for making me care this much atleast.
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