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for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw

5/9 c50 Tailturner
About time John got serious about this.
5/3 c2 Guest
So death and fate were perfectly fine sending the wrong boy back in time, letting him screw over the real prophecy child, again. And only decided to give Harry, the real prophecy child, a chance after the other failed twice. What a bunch of evil bastards. I’m out from chapter one because of I were Harry I would have refused to help these two evil entities. They have already proven beyond all doubt that they don’t care about Harry, or any evil done to him or how the prophecy is fullfilled or the evil released. They are not to be trusted. Hell they can’t be trusted with anything at all as they can’t even do their own jobs correctly. Not something you want in a diety.

Shitty foundation means I have no faith in the rest of the story. Harry has already proven to be a brainless moron so I have no faith in enjoying this at all. Brainless morons should just be executed and dumped in a hole to be forgotten.
5/5 c27 Tailturner
I was wondering about the twins. Their back and forth with the Grangers seem to suggest they know he is Slytherin, but the mal should have read his name as Harry James Potter, which then makes it weird that Harry was offering them as much money as he was.
5/4 c20 Tailturner
Well, he could order a bunch of snakes to rob a jewelry store. That's something only he could do.
5/4 c57 Anthony fallen one
I have a bad feeling. Do you guys know if this Author is ok?
5/3 c1 fathom101
I need the rest of this story and I need it bad. I just finished all there is and by Merlin's soggy beard, I can't stop thinking about this
5/1 c35 iShyboy
I'm tired, everything is so convoluted and needlessly complex. I'm out, even more so when It's been so long since the last update. Also the problem of having an OP protagonist is that the hell of bullshit going on is hella tiring to read.
4/26 c57 Guest
Errata : Cedric Diggory is in Fourth Year in 1992-93 - he's in same Year as Fred & George & Angelina Johnson . He was an older 6th Year in Goblet of Fire - born in September or October 1977 & thus 17 years old before 31st Oct 1994 . And about six months older than Fred & George ( April 1st 1978 & thus 16 & not eligible for Triwizard .)

He should be in Fourth Year slot for the Dueling Tournament , rather than Fifth Year . Easy mistake to make .

IF he hadn't of Died in GoF he'd of most likely been Head Boy in 1995-1996 during OoTP Year .

Also Tyrannosaurus spelt wrong at least once & Hermione's Code Name switching from Healer to Bookworm .

Potter Lexington says :

Cedric is a fifth-year in PA, which takes place in 1993-1994. In GF, then, he's a sixth year student, but he's old enough to participate in the Triwizard Tournament, just like Angelina Johnson. Like her, his birthday must be in the early fall, between the beginning of school and October 31.

Hogwarts Life Wiki states :

Cedric Diggory -
Biographical information. Born. September 7th, 1978. Great Britain. Died. 24 June, 1995 ...
4/25 c57 Summer Storm
Loved updated chspters 58-60 on your website. Plez update soon
4/27 c57 Shyangel13
I love the series and can't wait for the next update!
4/26 c56 12Hankton
I love Vernon's pov
4/24 c57 London Knight
Just finished Chapter 59: Nature Red — Part 3 on your website & all I can say is a big WOW !

A very long chapter which I like & SO MUCH ACTION *AND* SO MANY REVELATIONS that I was staggered !

A few spelling and grammar mistakes - plus Codenames being swapped by accident - but this has to be THE BEST Chapter of this Fic ! So far anyway . You've not lost your touch for jaw dropping spectacle in the slightest during lockdown .

Newish phone meant I can fully log on to your website & appreciated all you have posted . Looking forward to more & thank you for lifting my spirits in a dark time (for me) .
LK Out .
4/23 c57 London Knight
Third of the way through reading Chapter 59 on your Website .
Excellent & your keeping me very entertained .

Couple of Brit Picking points : Bendy Buses didn't come into common use until late 1990's - 1998 in London I think . They did see use in a couple of cities earlier than that but unsure if it was after 1995 ? Will have to ask Low_Decker the bus expert ...

Station Wagon is purely a North American term - should know as I play Car Wars to this day . A large ESTATE CAR is a better substitute .

Update when you can . LK out .
4/24 c57 Mawal189
Any update plans?
4/10 c21 1Fellbane
If you wish to read about eleven-year-old children who talk and act like middle-aged, wizened and politically savvy members of the nobility then this is for you.

If you want to read about a Harry Potter who is powerful and knowledgeable, the Lord of Slytherin and betrothed to Daphne Greengrass but is terrified of showing any of that and still acts like he is nothing then this is also for you.

He is incredibly low-key, skulks around in the shadows and hides the real him from everyone. Let me tell you, it is very, very frustrating. Also, the fic isn't finished and we are only partially into the first year at chapter 21. Would not recommend.
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