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for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw

18h c65 NiebieskiLis
Im ultra happy to see new chapters Wow Bill is typical bolshevik irony he works in Bank he sure likes to have property of others hope Fleur gets to ho for Harry kinda wasted on Bill Does basilisk magic even works on Dan ? Is there magic muzeum? It would be best place for basilisk bones extra galeons for Harry Wow imagine John to mess up even more
7/10 c65 likehopeandpain
Thank you so much for new updates here and everywhere. Best Harry Potter fan works tale I ever read!
7/9 c65 London Knight
I've read all the latest Updates on your website - leadvone

Book Four : Amazing start , and things are beginning to l
get bloody interesting . I had so many questions how the were going to pull it off in Chapters 78-81. You never disappoint ! Lol

Hope to read more updates soon . LK out .
7/11 c1 momothenewone
Bro someone using ur fic on Wattpad
7/9 c65 Balthazar the Unworthy
My boy Sirius is being a present father and i'm all for it!
7/8 c28 Maou Valentine
This fic is constant disappointment and frustration. Building up, up, up... only to let you down. Oh, Harry's so powerful, he has so many useful allies, his girls are so well trained... Yeah, none of that mean shit when it actually matters. I would say that there's no pay off but it wouldn't be exactly correct, would it? There actually is pay off, it's just the pay off is negative. All it does is drive you crazy and make you mourn for the time you've wasted reading this up until now. Meh, dropped.
7/7 c27 ZexZor
How can a CT scan detect runes or magic? That's asinine.
7/4 c65 kirbyd0813
This is the best Harry Potter story i have read, hands down. I have finally caught up, and I cant wait for more.
7/1 c65 Guest
I hope Alex can beat Virgo to begin with. If she can do that she shouldn't have much trouble.
7/1 c12 Guest
Alright, this happened twice now. The MC is utterly incompetent.

You DO NOT make Mc's plans ALWAYS fail. It is not a good thing for the story. It portrays him as stupid and incompetent. Sure, the MC's plans should not always succeed but here? We are 2 for 2 with him failing to infiltrate somewhere despite him having the freaking Death Cloak. How utterly pathetic is that!?

It's just bad writing.
7/3 c40 Kaostrasza
Lol she did not cast the crucio because she trusted the others, she casted it being angry and oblivious to others around her. Trust has nothing to do with it, and that is a very poor argument. A bit disappointed by this even tho the story is great
7/1 c5 Guest
This is another stupid thing.

People like Greengrasses would NEVER have only ONE option for Daphnee's betrothal and they would definitely NOT decide on anything when the girl is 8 yo. Doing so would be stupid.

Even if they were bastards, they still would have 10 years to find a more profitable match. They would not throw that away. So this whole drama about Daphne not wanting to marry this Slughorn dude? It's BS. They might organize a playdate but NOTHING would have been decided right now.

You also need to consider that Daphne's husband will be Lord Greengrass. Astoria is too sickly and second-born. So, Daphne's match is not something they could decide casually.

This makes what you wrote into a hot mess of garbage and the drama falls flat because it is pretty much forced.
7/1 c4 Guest
You fell into the same pitfall many authors do. You have stuff you want to explain so you make your characters ask incredibly dumb questions just so your MC can answer, doing your explanation.

Lord Greengrass wouldn't be so damn incompetent and stupid that he would need everything spelled to him to understand how Harry inherited the Slytherin position. You explained it in the story as if he was a dumb 5 yo child.

It paints a very bad picture, tbh.
7/2 c54 LongbottomSoba
7/2 c65 moodyboy66
Cant wait for more!
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