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for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw

5/29 c9 RachelWhitehurst
Excellent chapters so far. Makes me sad I have to sllep now.
5/28 c27 Guest
5/25 c54 Guest
Also laugh hysterically every time see "Weaslette!" on the page!
5/24 c50 daisytheunicorn
"I wasn't even aware that our dear little sister knew how to fly at all," George added, as they both dropped into the mid-air huddle. "Was right surprised when she turned up on their team. But that's our Slytherin sister. Cunning little thing."

"Probably out practising at the dead of night while everyone was asleep."
I laughed and laughed and laughed at that so much! How unknowingly right they were to.
5/24 c49 Apatosaurus
Petrified Harry is never good
5/25 c35 Kekeli Akpabli
Jeremy Bemthan hehehehe
How didn't I notice before
5/21 c47 Keehar Avexia
Late in 1992 Fred and George would still only fourteen, not fifteen. Born on April 1st 1978 they're less than eighteen months older than Hermione.
5/21 c57 Pterroghast
Ah an excellent read & unique take on wizard universe. I couldn't stop when started. Updates would be nice but know how life has habit to get in way. Just being wistful really. If this is it then we thank you for everything so far.
5/22 c31 2Disvelop
Wow... this is very good. Dumbledore bashing is SPOT ON!
5/20 c57 Guest
This is a amazing. Thank you.
5/19 c41 Adongis
Ho boy terrific chapter & tremendous fic. They ways Ginny's mind has to process situation is frightening! Poor girl & after seeing what short of chew toy she ended up in both other timelines as well. Gripping ain't the word for it.
5/17 c57 jim
do not forget us.
5/17 c35 Lord Dongus
My nephew at two years old had a ridiculously deep laugh/chuckle. Go figure. Some kids are different. Remember Harry is not Daniel Radcliffe & doesn't sound like him.
5/18 c14 T1962
Boy am I surprised. This is the very first time since I have began reading fanfics(5years) that a Character has had one of my names. My middle, middle ,name(Episcopalian) Patricia. And for it to be a character from the Black family no less. Yay!
5/18 c30 Rossess20
Atta girl Tonks
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