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for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw

5/16 c1 Guest
Really good story. I got to chapter 40ish before I felt the story start to lose steam, personally. Thats a major compliment to the authors writing skills considering the story is almost 650k words across 57 chapters, especially since I'm pretty sure it only got to the end of second year. That being said, it really started to slog, and I couldn't get through it. Just too much minutia, I think. The update schedule for this is really weird too, according to the authors twitter he's been editing chapter 58 during livestreams since (at least) October 2020. Its May 2021 as of this review. I dont know whats going on, but I think it's effectively killed the story for me. I won't read the new chapters till I decide to read the whole thing over again.
5/17 c20 Rossess20
Is Fawkes still in a box somewhere?
5/17 c20 Rossess20
"Twenty inches!" that's like two and a half pages! Handwritten!
5/16 c19 Rossess20
"Deep laughter"? He's eleven!D
5/16 c12 Rossess20
Awww not Hagrid!

This chapter made me want to tear my hair out. Congratulations.
5/15 c11 Rossess20
Ugh. They're like the Stepfords...
5/15 c10 Rossess20
I don't know how but somehow you make a perfect, ridiculously overpowered super-Harry with a harem of hot girls incredibly intriguing and worth reading. Kudos!
5/13 c24 LunaMakesFive
I want a Nimbus hairclip right now!
5/14 c1 7Azrael38
Great story but if you're looking for an ending, this won't give it to you as this story has been ABANDONED. Read it and enjoy because it's very good but don't expect anything to be wrapped up, which is unfortunate.
5/12 c57 slapanda
fantastic lengthy read
5/13 c36 Zsombi
It's not really related to this ch. but I just skimmed through 3 pages of reviews and the last couple ch.s (55~57), and I feel like this fic is really not for me. Already as I've mentioned before, for several ch.s now things/ situations/ characters were starting to be ever more unrealistic and just reekeng of "author fiat". It's the same reason I never got past the 3rd canon book.
5/13 c35 Zsombi
Well.. I'll say.. recently you have more and more (to me at least) 'triggering' content, but the story overall is good so I'm trying to power through anyway.

One thing I don't get is why did Harry be an idiot like during the first year . when dealing with the stone. He could have just done the same as he did "before" and (if it's the other boy in the trials) swoop in at the last moment when Quirellmort is done for, subdue whoever remains, take the stone then get out before DD arrives.

Among other things. I think you made him dumber for certain situations unnecessarily. It certainly doesn't make him relatable or non-Mary-Stue-ish, it just makes him look stupid for no gain.

Of course TomR is also a huge moron. Etc.

I feel like several characters are unreasonably smarter who have no logical reason to be while others likewise dumber. It detracts from the elements of realism.
5/11 c17 Slytheringirl05
Possibly the best fan story I've ever read. Love your take on 'Mione - smart, cool, driven & brilliant.
Makes huge change from vapid & fawning Hermione from all those endlessly stupidly imbecilic & totally moronic dramione "stories", churned out & posted daily by those simplistic & simpering Malfoy fan service girls!
Please continue but never drop your exceptional writing standards. Slytheringirl05
5/11 c29 worom001
I'm confused. Can't he use gins memory, get a hang of the switching spell and switch with the eyeball through daphnes eyes via legilimency? Then she sends the eyeball back, let's Harry hook into it and goes back to the original spot and switch again? It's already been shown that the switching spell works through wards and while there are anti-apparition words there most certainly is no 'anti-person-switching' wards.
5/10 c26 14Freddie Rindklip
You are writing non-hogwarts chapters as you noted. Fear not, if I do not like the chapter I will skim through it. If I skim through too many chapters I may decide to quit reading. That point is no where close.
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