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for Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches - Revenge is Best Served Raw

5/10 c24 14Freddie Rindklip
I am enjoying re-reading this fic
5/10 c27 worom001
Hot damn, Emma got a power fetish?
5/10 c22 worom001
Ghosts Council. Ha.
5/9 c13 worom001
God damn that Daniel and Emma scene got me wildin'. Fuck.
5/4 c57 Bubba
I absolutely love this story, so much plot and backstory and world building, very well written. That being said I kind of hate you right now. There was a big break after you finished up this arc and then you dropped the ritual chapter and I was so excited for the story to start back up again and then nothing for a year. Please start writing again. I really need to know what happens! Keep up the good work!
5/6 c57 RunOnSentences
Yeah this is way too convoluted
5/6 c57 RunOnSentences
Dude... WAY too many paragraph breaks. Super choppy and not easy to read.
5/6 c51 RunOnSentences
What’s happening? It’s super convoluted this chapter.
5/6 c50 RunOnSentences
The petrifaction bit kinda sucked, but I liked the lamia part
5/6 c37 RunOnSentences
Harry seems to miss a lot when it’s plot convenient
5/6 c28 RunOnSentences
This was a bad chapter, just in comparison to the others.
4/22 c5 11ShadowKing042
I admit I was hesitant to read this story, so far I am glad to see this is not the kind of story I feared it would be. I greatly enjoy stories that show that traditionalism does not automatically equate to bigotry.
4/16 c57 17Myene
Wonderful story so far, very well written. I hope you start to update more than once a year though :)
4/14 c53 12helrio uzugaku
8/10, normally I would continue reading until I've caught up to the author, in this case I'm stopping at ch# 53. This is because of a few reasons.

There's just several instances throughout the plot that have grated on my nerves, not in a horrible way mind you. But in the way that feels forced. The world building is exemplary, but certain plot points just seem too convenient. For example, Dumbledore removing the original prophecy and replacing it with a FAKE. That one is honestly what has grated on me since I read it. How this one wizard, exceptionally talented, skilled and experienced, true, but still one wizard is able to create a false prophecy and fool EVERYONE in the department of mysteries about it just stretches plausibility too far for my liking.

There's plenty of plot points to go around, but that one felt messy and unneeded. I can appreciate a slow burn and this fic does it better than any other I've ever seen before, but God... it's becoming grueling to continue.

If you need a way to burn anywhere between 3 days to a week this is probably your fic. It also offers moral ambiguity, thorough understanding and explanation of politics and suspense that just keeps you guessing.

Character development isn't bad, but I feel like 'Virgo' melded a bit too easy. Personalities don't just clash like they did and then merge so smoothly. It inner conflict or morals and ambitions is only 1 part of it that could be more extensive. How can Virgo possibly come to terms with two warring sides of herself? It hasn't cropped up but I feel like John would definitely lose Virgo when she completely understands how similar her and Harry actually are. Harry played second fiddle to voldemort out of a survival instinct to escape the crushing, soul sucking aura of the dementors. When she finds out that he actually had it WORSE than her and that John is in essence just as bad as voldemort I can't see her staying with him. Susan speaks for herself.

But who knows, there's a lot of stuff I'm probably missing because of this early cutoff.

My advise is thus, in plots with characters that are constantly changing and developing in unique ways you need to find ways to keep it interesting because right now it's complex but not in a way that makes me want to continue reading. Right now it's one of those 'ugh, another attempt at sabotaging the protagonist? Typical.

Politics are fine and all, but there's so little action involved and what is there isn't very exciting. The most thrilling to date was harry's match vs John in the dueling tournament. But that was pretty short. I don't know what the author was aiming for in terms of story tags, but I've lost interest sometime in the last 10 chapters. Can't narrow it down further unfortunately.

There's a lot here, but it's missing a certain level of excitement that is necessary to keep me hooked. Hope this review helps.
4/9 c28 LordMirror
This chapter made me want to bash my head. It's really frustrating when SMART character because of the plot become IDIOTS. They know that this is dangerous but still doing unnecessary...
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